Awesome people are awesome. METRO BAROQUE PV is subbed! 😀 😀 😀 omg the lyrics….. :Q______

together with the video and the ero shishou’s expressions,eyes,lips,katana, :Q_______ *Faints*

The legendary sleeping beauty….. this is not subbed by me~ just found it off the net 🙂

EDIT:somehow the video cannot be embbed… 😦

For the benefit of those that do not understand chinese….
English Translation of METRO BAROQUE!
by: icepath 


Who is it who calls me…?
In this delirious world dancing on whim
Learning lies like jewels and seducing
A sweet, sensual gaze is clinging on

I can’t fight it…
Link up the fragments of fate, painful instinct

In the truth illuminated by the halo of the scarlet moon
Drive the brittle, crumbling lie into darkness
Tell me, if there’s a future to the future
I don’t need even my body
My guide will be you alone

Who is it who calls you…?
A single wanderer trapped in a formless sin
You seem to be soaked while you hesitate
In the love that rests on you till you can’t blink

I’m here…
That’s the whispering corridor that melts the frozen time

The spiraling silver flowers are profoundly beautiful
This sobbing voice without voice tears at my heart
Answer me…if there is an indestructible favor
I’ll fly past the night and meet it, now

A dazzling wish will, that’s right…always be locked in
Hurting the gap that will never be filled, burying it
Burnt by an endless light
Unease seeks peace once again; anticipating, recurring

The moon stained crimson slices sorrow open
Changing a brittle, crumbling illusion into determination
Tell me… if there’s a future to the future
I don’t need even my body
My guide will be you alone, ah…

those lyrics….. :Q_____



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