Today’s the broadcast of Music Fair 12-06-09~!
all of you are waiting for legs to appear
She wore an aquamarine dress which made her looked so petite and cuteeee aww
i know you are trying to seduce those young girls around you right? *runs*

don’t mind my caption |ω~) www

A short talk about Nana-san’s visit to the hospital (gist provided by shkify)
poor Nana was having some stomachache and finally decided to visit the doctor only to diagnose out some duodenal ulcer(?)
but the ever awesome Nana healed it with willpower! ( ´△`;;)
it was already healed before the doctor could give her any treatment www
Must take care of yourself nana-san!! >.< (or you could ask yukarin to take care you)

So this week’s performance is Metro Baroque~!!
i wasn’t too fond of it at first but the PV made me fall in love with it .. oh look what you have done nana-stares at legs
As usual, Nana gave a great performance and i love her purple dress!!(´ω`♡ )

oh stop seducing me ❤


smile of an angel ❤

you’ll watch next week’s broadcast, yes?

So, be sure to catch next week’s Discotheque!!

Discotheque !! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


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