BLOOD-C food menu?!


bleh who cares ww ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

さすが日本人〜 once again, BLOOD-C has announced their new collaboration!

This time, its with Pasela Resorts(?)  cafe!
The menu as goes….

Seriously for real? ww

They are going to have stuffs like

  • Fumito’s handmade bento set,

Fumito Bento~

900¥ ~ard 15 SGD now
  • the coffee that saya drinks every morning~

  • one thing that immediately caught my eye. The GUIMAUVE. THAT GUIMAUVE.

THIS IS THE ONE isnt it made of blood? ww <- blood-c reference

Ahh~ ❤ (〃・・〃)

It is like kiss on the lips! Chuu~

please be careful of being hypnotise or something like that ww


for those going to japan, are u guys going to try them? :3

Saya promoting~~ www

” I have to drink the coffee from this shop at least once daily, or I dont feel right”
Oishii coffee yo!~

Go and try the kissing feeling if have time! wwww

blushing saya is cute saya www (*/∇\*)

Thats all from me for now~ off to do my assignments~



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