☆Last week’s M no Sekai☆

::7 Questions for NANA::

She read an email from a 39y-o guy:
Get to know Nana☆ better with just numbers!

1)Height: 152cm (She shrank?! ww
2)Eyesight: 1.0 & 0.8
3)Head Size: 53? My head’s small.
4)Shoe Size: 23
5)Finger size: 7 or 8
6)Blood Pressure: 90/45 It’s very low.
7)3 Sizes: -She used her powers to escape this question ww (tsk!

::2nd round of 7 Questions for NANA::

This time its from a 15 y-o boy:

1)Where would you prefer to be confessed to
A place where there’s no one around (eg. rooftop)
2)How would you prefer to be confessed to
Straightforward. “I like you!”
3)Where would you prefer for a date
Shopping, amusement park.
4)In what situation would you hold hands
Going home from school.
5)How would you confess to someone
“I liked you since forever!” (wwwww xD
6)An action which you would fall in love with
Chest baring (www I wonder if this is the correct translation wwww
7)When would a girl feel happy
When someone’s showing concern for her


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