Kind of late, but here is our review on Nana’s 27th Single, TIME SPACE EP~~
Read somewhere that “EP” is used when a release has too much content to be a regular CD and too little to be an album. Not sure if it applies to this but meh. (btw, this blog opened in conjunction to TS-EP’s release! \万歳!/   \万歳!/    \万歳!/ )

Since this is the 27th single, as you all know, “7” always have a special meaning to Nana (and to us ofc) it will be something special! This 27th single is to continue on the spirit of the 17th single, STAR CAMP EP.  there are alot more interviews around, with Nana discussing about this single… will post it when my(gekkie) japanese skills are brushed up or another nanatard decides to tell us more about it! 😀


Lyrics: Mizuki Nana / Composition: Yashikin / Arrangement: Nakayama Masato (Elements Garden)


My first impression of this song: Nothing.(すまん。
I’m more of a JunPara person.
After looping: I love the part where the lyrics say

“I’m here…”


First impressions. An usual epic song that nana would give :3 IMPRESSION TOTALLY CHANGED after that 30s BLOOD-C preview. And of course, after the PV is released, needless to say, total RABU. 嗚呼 is the killer. cant stop looping this and its diffusing into my classmates head nau~~ MUAAA-HAHAHAHA ( ̄ω ̄)V

Metro Baroque was weird on first listen, but it caught on after the second. It sounds a bit like jazz at the front, and then continues into the simple epic-ness of Nana’s songs OMG NANA WHY YOU SO EPIC.

Didn’t like Metro Baroque at first but the PV was …just epic. Song wise, not my genre. It isn’t the type of song that can hook you up easily even with multiple replays.


Lyrics: SAYURI / Composition: Tajiri Tomoyuki / Arrangement: Tajiri Tomoyuki

The moment I saw “SAYURI” = LOVE.
Love her Soradokei (v´∀`*)
Love her HIGH STEPPER ヾ(´∀`○)ノ
LOVE HER PARTY! PARTY! ♪ヾ(o≧∀≦o)ノ゙
Love how Nana-san sang this song (゜ー゜*)ネッ!
Love the music d(*・ω・*)b♪
Love the lyrics (Oh my darlin’♪)
Points: 700/7 (おいおいおいおいおいwwww

dislikes this song’s opening part due to the pa pa pa pa pa part.. The part i love:  Suki yo x5 .. KIMI GA~~~ (nana, too much confessions at a time is bad for our health you know?! ww) *faints*

Can’t seem to get myself attached to this song orz….. pa pa pa pa pa pa pa paru paru killed everything. But overall, this song has a really light feeling which might have made me happy and cheerful without the PAs. The “dance dance dance dance” part reminds me of “Lies Lies” by Dreams Come True. It was used as ED for drama Nasake no Onna, and the ED was a dance sequence so  ┐(‘~`;)┌

This song is either you like it or you hate it. I’m in the “not liking it” category.


Lyrics: Yuumao / Composition: Yoshiki Eriko / Arrangement: Suyama Jun


「50年後もきっと覚えてるんだ Romance」


According to some of the comments i see for this song is the “typical nana fast(?) song” . but personally, i like this song. somehow maybe because of the pace of JikuSa, i could understand the some lines and i find it so touching. the lyrics is mainly about a girl who loves a guy(?not stated) maybe its bcos i like romance genres but yea~ XD

My favourite song of the whole single!! Heard a little of it in the Meiji CM and already can’t wait for the full version. This is one of the few songs that I love on first listen. Must be because I love this type of songs better. Hmmm.

I guess i like this song better than the previous 2 but it didn’t attract me enough to put it on loop ww


Lyrics: Mizuki Nana / Composition: Uchiike Hidekazu / Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)


Nana-san mentioned that she wrote the lyrics while thinking back on LIVE CASTLE, when she performed SUPER GENERATION-Museum Style-She said that she was really happy to be born in this time, to be born together with everyone in this time(era/year)

「同じ時代-とき-に生まれた喜び こんなに溢れてく」



BALLAD KITTA! ONE really reminds me of the older songs(恋してる。。。,真冬の観覧車) that nana used to have. hence, once i heard this song, nostalgia (WHAT?!! not that song btw) hit me ┰ω┰ The years before Nana became this famous, when she has more ballads… the  then pure and young nana…(*SHOT). yea, the older nana style but i love it 🙂 looping-in-progress

I’m bad with slow songs. It’s okay when I’m feeling down but most of the time, ballads = skip. But this song’s tune has some kind of happy feeling in it. IT SOUNDS LIKE SOME KIND OF SONG PLAYED TO KIDS LOL. I feel like I can fall asleep easily by listening to this. OF COURSE, NOT due to boredom but due to the calmness I get.

Personally, it’s my favourite song in the whole single. I’m a ballad/slow song person. It gives off a very calming effect with flying seagulls above the ocean images when i listen to this song ^^ A pretty good lullaby (´ー`)


Awesome legs is awesome. ((OI


Overall, my ranking of this song would be Metoba> ONE,JikuSa>Party!Party!  Comparing to the previous singles, I would like Synchrogazer single and the 17th Single, STARCAMP EP more. Of course, I am not saying that this single isnt good (ITS AWESOME,OKAY?). Just that those singles rank a little higher then this thats all~ Nana will always produces nana quality~ ♡^▽^♡ (????)


Songs Ranking: Jikuu Sapphire>Metro Baroque>ONE>Party! Party!
In my opinion Jikuu Sapphire makes more impact compared to Metro Baroque. Party! Party! comes last obviously because of  pa pa pa pa paparazzi…. paru.
I don’t know what else to say except for: LISTEN TO THE SONGS!! XD

ONE>Jikuu Sapphire>Metro Baroque>Party! Party!
This single has a combination of slow, fast, jazzy(?) and hype songs so i guess it caters to different people. It all depends on your preference but Metro Baroque PV is a must see!! Probably one of the best PVs so far (/^▽^)/

We counted the ranking and derived this set of ranking~~
ONE>Metro Baroque>Jikuu Sapphire >Party! Party!
(Don’t ask how, but this is correct. If you really wanna know…… =D) <– its complicated ww
What are your thoughts on this single and personal ranking of the songs?


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5 responses to “TIME SPACE EP REVIEW(s)!!

  • rainydanz

    Metro Baroque wasn’t that nice for me, it was a so-so song ~.~

    PARTY! PARTY! was worst cause i didn’t like this kinda song genre . . .

    時空サファイア on the other hand, was the most awesome song in this whole single that i got hooked on. It has this catchy tune and awesome lyric =3

    ONE is another song that i can agree with, nana’s voice gave off a peaceful feel and it felt great XD

    overall, if not for 時空サファイア, i would have rated this single a bad one from nana when u compare it to her previous ones ~.~|’|

  • 白雪 みぞれ

    jikuu sapphire is the best song of the single!! really awesome lyrics, music!!!! Nana is the best!! XD

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