Yatta!! (/∀\) The week of Discotheque is here /o/

aren’t we sexyyy (´ε` )

It was the cutest performance!!  tell me how does it look like there is actually a 14-yr-old gap between those 2~!! ;A;

It’s a secret ~~(ゝ▽・)

The whole balance of the performance was good.
Nana-chan had great control over her vocals so it wasn’t too overpowering.
Mayuyu’s live singing is always not too bad, stable and clear.
Maybe a 4-year gap is feasible? 14 IS TOO LARGEE RAWRRR ww

do you want my kiss??

i really love nana-chan in this dress!!!(´∀`)
makes her look younger eternal-17.

who is cuter?

NANA-CHAN (///∀///)ノ !
ok both are cute but… for someone like nana-chan’s age
maa maa let’s get on to the talk section! (please excuse my extremely poor understanding of the language so i’m just giving a big picture ) m(_ _)m

It started off with Nana-chan asking SKE48 members who watches/likes(?) anime but that’s not the point
Hata Sawako (Shawako), a fan of nana sang “Unbreakable” infront of nana!!
that’s really courageous and brave of her!

Shawako singing UNBREAKABLE!

The host asked if she sings Nana’s songs who has a powerful voice when her voice now is so gentle and soft
Shawako does sing when she goes to karaoke so Nana-chan was very happy about it and wants to hear her sing www
So from a very meek and shy voice, it turned into a very manly and strong voice!

2nd part is when Furukawa Airi (Airin) asked Nana which character left the deepest impression (?) <— please really excuse my rough understanding LOL

“Iku yo, Bardiche”

The host asked what kind of character is fate so nana-chan gave a live example that killed many of those girls around her (>v<d )

It’s eargasm!!!

See how happy these fans are ?!
So lucky to hear Fate-chan’s voice LIVE~


All happy fans dies happy after listening to Fate www


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