[Event] 7th July (Nana Day) Meet up~

Like the title said, lets meet up on 7th July (Saturday)
Since it’s Nana Day, why not? XD
Yes, there is Cosfest on the same day, but read on.

Fellow Nana-tard, Hirari (stage name) will be singing in Cosfest!
Obviously, it’s a Nana song!

She’ll be singing Shin Ai!!!!!!!

Yeap, so why not go support her! We’ll probably be waving along to her song lol.
ANYWAYS the point is to get to know more Nana-fans from Singapore!

*Note: Since we are based in Singapore, it will mean that this meet up is for Singaporeans and any other Nana-tards in Singapore during that time period.

According to Cosfest site, the concert will start at 1.30pm (but hey we’ll get to know actual timings cos the admins know Hirari personally lol so not much worries on that part)
We’ll be meeting up somewhere at 12p.m (subject to changes) for lunch before heading to downtown east for the event because apparently downtown east nothing much to eat…..
We’ll be meeting at White Sands at 12, and have lunch at Just Acia. Do note that it’s okay if you are not coming for lunch.

Details will be updated on this FB Event Page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/483168881697050/
Do join us!


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