[Preview] BRIGHT STREAM 30s PV

This news was up quite early in the morning…however, due to the assignments and stuff that i have to complete, i didnt go to Gyao to catch it… BUT ITS OKAY! 😀 bcos, hours later, and a little googling~~~ kind nanatards have uploaded the preview!!!!!


BRIGHT STREAM 30s preview

(alternatively…. here’s the link! http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI4NDI4OTMy.html )

YOUTUBE Version:

As nana mentioned in her blog and smagan before, it is setted in some..clock (?) and while she filmed this PV, she cried and there were many emotional scenes XD Comments: 1) Amazing song! (how many times have i said this?) 2) A REALLY REALLY AWESOME SET! I absolutely love the clocks and gears.. (shit another fetish due to nana now) 3) THAT…THAT FACE AGAIN!!! /dies due to massive nosebleed –> tissues anyone? PICTURES SPAMMAGE (LQ due to the video quality)

awesome set is awesome

loving the giant clock in the background…

This is the scene nana mentioned? “being inside the clock”

close up shot of nana inside clock

backview because backview with futomomo is awesome too

clock+ futomomo!!

silhouette saikou! (sry for the bar)



okay~ gonna loop the preview now www (and do my assignments jaaa nee~~)
p.s. Our friends who are in Japan for UNION went for NANOHA MOVIE 2nd today! and they said that it was awesome! AHHH cant wait to watch it D: but will probably only be ot on BD/DVD next year…

some stuff they got…somehow..after the movie? darn i want it too


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4 responses to “[Preview] BRIGHT STREAM 30s PV

  • Kintae

    Wow!! Awesome pv!!!
    Everything looks EPIC especially the light above nana i’m lovin it so much XD

  • Athens

    haaaaaaan must be her best PV ever! (I feel I said this every time lol) I love the steam-punk vibe meet gothic-lolita.
    Nana is so pretty here

    • TheDarkHoliness

      “Steam-punk vibe meet gothic-lolita”

      Ahhh you described it so well XD
      I described it as “Christmas + Tattoo = Bright Stream” (lol)

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