Music Japan Bright Stream 120722


hajimaru yo

I love 「Bright Stream」 a lot especially after 「Synchrogazer」 and 「Metro Baroque」 which didn’t really get my liking that much.
PV costume performance in MJ like usual.
Is gingham checks in the trend now?
Seeing checks everywhere ^^;;

nana is loved!

after sooooo long we finally have an audience~!

come come..i have lots of lollipops over here…

Bright Stream is a song which has the strength and emotions of Eternal Blaze but carries the gentleness like Phantom Minds.
Everyone was hoping for a Eternal Blaze 2 because of it being the A’s movie’s OP.
It’s difficult to have another song to overtake an all-time favourite.

Bright Stream is a well-done song imo. It has the essence of an easy melody along with lyrics full of emotions of the girls.

bearing resemblance of Arika Takarano

I think it’s the hair ornament mainly and red dress that is making her look like mini Arika Takarano (Ali Project) XD
sadly Nana won’t be performing for the main stage for Anisama…
Even the theme song doesn’t have Nana singing in it ;A;!!! (side track: the theme song is nice this year!)

please buy my single!

Bright Stream contains bright stream (duh), fearless hero and sacred force.
2 nanoha songs and 1 dog days’.
Not sure where else Nana will perform, but hopefully there will be more TV performances ! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*


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