Bright Stream Full PV~! (Extremely outdated)

This post was drafted right after the niconico STREAM, and before the HD version came out. I…. uh…. forgot all about it…. and left this post to die there and continued to forget all about it until recently Gekkie asked why didn’t I publish the post. LOL. After further discussions with her, I decided to post it anyways (it’s already been written, might as well) and just so you know this is extremely outdated, I’m adding this long string of red text. Have fun reading this post LOL

First of all, the PV~!
It’s been ripped from niconico live broadcast “水樹奈々の niconico STREAM”
Which means, it’s not in HD yet.
Many thanks to the uploader!

Also a download link is available YAY

Got kicked out from the nico stream so if Nana said anything about the PV, I wouldn’t know it ^^; So here are my thoughts on this PV!
Get ready for a long post because this PV is very snapshot-worthy. So many good angles and awesome screen designs. Do watch it first before reading this crap of mine!! XD

Nana Mizuki – Bright Stream, IKUZO~

So Nana is in this clock tower….

Yo honey, I realised we haven’t been moving for some time now…..

At first I thought the couple on the music box is FREAKING SCARY. Now? Haven’t changed my opinion… This thing appears a lot in the whole PV and so should signify some things? I was thinking “Sad marriage” or something but someone said Nanoha and Fate. Hmmm.

Hi, my name is Gear, and I came from a used correction tape.

It probably wasn’t pragmatic to custom make a gear for this PV and hence they used a correction tape. But… but….. orz. It’ll be funny if it turns out they did custom make one but it just looks like a correction tape gear. Highly impossible but if that’s the case, just repaint a correction tape gear LOL. PV Making is need! (I want to see their reactions when the gear is passed to Nana lol)


Lonely Nana D=

Whoever made her lonely, HOW COULD YOU.


Don’t you feel like going over to console her?
I love Nana’s expression in this scene. She looked really really lonely. Because she isn’t exactly an actress, some PVs looked really unnatural but in here, it’s AWESOME.

YO, Genki?

I’m standing on Nana’s spot WOOTS!

Not sure why I’m adding photos of the guitarist LOL. Oh he reminds me of the one in Mugen. The one in Mugen also stood on Nana’s spot. THEY EVEN MOVE THE SAME. (SAME PERSON KETTEI~)

Hey it’s me, Gear again. Watch me as I fix your clock~

Thanks to Gear, I’m moving! By the way I’m Awesome Gear.

I’m also moving yay~ Oh hi I’m Big Gear.

The CGI here looks fantastic. There’s even sound effects. Lovely. I’m seriously thinking about changing my Facebook to timeline so that I can use the gears for cover photo…. I must be developing gears fetish Yes somehow Facebook haven’t changed my account to timeline yet….

Our pretty clock master Nana-sama

Didn’t include in this photos spamage (I guess you guys watched it already anyways) but Nana was holding on to Gear tightly in the beginning, But, after her emotional scene at the piano, she fits Gear into the Creepy Couple and fixed the clock tower. And she (in a sad way) smiles. It feels to me like Gear holds a very strong meaning to her but she lets it go anyways (fitting into Creepy Couple), setting things right, and is finally able to smile.

We were already holding hands before, but we must stop motion towards each other to hold hands when we regain the ability to move, dear.

What did I say about the Couple being creepy?!?!!? I’m fascinated by the stop motion (looks like stop motion to me at least. Don’t trust me on this) at the same time even more creeped. D= Maybe when the clock tower got fixed and they can move again, they danced so hard then one of them flung the other away. (WUT)

^Did I just ruin this scene for you guys? Sorry ^^;

I guess the above pretty much summarised my thoughts about the PV. Somehow, my thoughts on the PV is always different from what it actually wants to convey. (Like how I interpreted Metroba. Totally different from what Nana said.) If anything else, I’d like to re-emphasize the amazingness of the camera angles and scene design. My snaps don’t really show it but at least the Awesome Gear and Big Gear snaps do. Can’t you feel the impact of it? ^^; The storyboard and layout artist must be a genius. This PV has now become one of my most favourite Nana PV!!

So anyways, what do you guys think about the PV?

P.S. I uploaded more photos than this, but left them out in the end….. So the post turned out shorter than expected. Good for you eh? XD

P.P.S My FB is already timelined and yeah, I’m using Gears shot for cover photo. LOLS.


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