AFTER☆UNION【Part 2:大阪②】

This was drafted since….28th July… wwwすまぬ ><
Btw, this will be a long one.. ><


Booths open at 930 instead of 10 and we were like the first 30 so managed to buy our things 5 min later.

First ~30 *\(^o^)/*

No trolling by the security too www (AH! Forgotten to take a picture of him riding his favourite bicycle lol =x)

Osakajo Hall Nakama Map (lol)
Blue = Day 1
Red = Day 2

I was seated at the back. Good view of the stage and good view of my Goddess when she came up to us on the crane!!!!

 NANA MIZUKI LIVE UNION 2012 -大阪公演 2日目- 

LIVE UNION’s theme is unity and punk (?) idk.. The poster and goods all point in that direction. Even the OP video too.

Cherryboys and Nana were holding spray cans and drawing on the wall. Graffiti. Didn’t really understand the video orz. (Will try to understand at QVC xD) It ended with Nana drawing a star which became the union star.

Flag bearers marched in from the sides and Nana appeared at the top of the stairs. “1 ,2 ,3, GO!” HEY!

Immediately followed by,
02.  時空サファイア [B]
Totally no time to rest. This song deserve better. (Not saying that it’s not good being a CM song but.. you know what I mean.. I hope ww)

03.  Love Brick [B]
“Baby I love you! Baby in your eyes, I’m in wonderland!”
Jumped higher today└(o゚∀゚o)┘

My memories are kinda mixed up already orz. So I shall just lump them together www

She kept talking and forgot to announce the live title www (Day 2 I think)
Day 1: Talked about her mum visiting her. 4 hours drive from Niihama. Sounds familiar ww Her mum did something similar last year too ww What’s different was she didn’t only bring with her boxes of mikans but also FOUR pyjamas. ALL of them PINK LOL. Cause she knew that Nana will be staying over at Osaka. さすがおママです。元気だなww Then, Nana told her to stay for the concert but mum rejected. She said that she will look forward to the one at Chiba QVC and left www

LIVE DIAMOND, she wore a flowery dress and rode on a platform which rose and rotated. This time she just walked out from the backstage after the intro started playing. I didn’t like this song at first but really, after listening to it being sung live its different

05.  恋してる… [B]
If I remembered correctly, there were moves for this song.. ><

07.  ミュステリオン [R]
My first Mysterion live! This song’s very fun, especially the chorus ww
And she’s really good. (We totally messed up the song during karaoke www)


I totally forgot about 06-09. Gomenasai >< -Edited 17/9/2012-

10.  天空のカナリア [Y]
First time using yellow for this. Not a lot of yellows around. And my first time listening to the normal version (Only heard orchestra version before)

Tried to keep up / memorise the calls. TEAM YODA members were dancing while holding red and white flags.

11.  PARTY! PARTY! [P]
O_O?! EH? She moved this song forward!

(   )キ…(  *゚)キタ!( *゚∀)キタ!!(*゚∀゚*)キタ━━!!!
And yeah, I tried to dance to this too ww FuFuFuFuFUU!!

About the same MC as Day 1.
13.  絶刀・天羽々斬 [B]
Aaand she forgot the lyrics for Day 2 too. ま、しょうがない。

14.  Brand New Tops [TOWEL]
I don’t know. This song just gets more and more fun!
But I couldn’t remember the lyrics orz

Ok. I shall talk more about this video ww
It started with a pirate Nana writing a letter. (Everyone sat down)
Then. Nana started narrating. Something like taking a rest.. then blabla (can’t remember xD)
And a modern Nana appeared, she walked and walked and walked and entered a shop. Found a compass/watch. Then, scene went back to pirate Nana’s cabin but pirate Nana wasn’t there. Instead there’s a letter on the table. Then, a refreshing scene with modern Nana holding something looking like a bottle (like a Green Tea CM ww) Then, idk how.. it led to a transformation scene with Symphogear BGM (That one before Synchrogazer in EP 1; Everyone stood up)

15.  Synchrogazer [UO]
AND KITAAAAA!!! HUGE doors at the back opened up and all I saw was a goddess flying. Then, “Listen toooo mai songgggg” with the effects on the LED screens behind is EPIC.
This time she didn’t use the harness kind like LIVE GRACE. It’s the small little platform kind like in LIVE CASTLE. She flew from the main stage to the middle stage. On Day 1, she just kicked the platform behind her after she stepped down. 超カッコ良かったよ!マジで!Day 2, there was like a belt or something which she has to unbuckle before she can move away.

She moved further down and stepped into a square. The square platform rose up AND CAME RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. -Heart attack-
The movement of this platform is similar to the one at LIVE DIAMOND during PERFECT SMILE. Just that she stopped IN FRONT OF ME and SANG A FULL VERSE before moving away. -dies-
The platform did 2 stops. On Day 1, the platform stopped at the first designated location and it jerked quite hard before it started moving to the second position. Nana was taken by surprise by the sudden movement and she quickly went to grab the handle. 危ない!And that platform shook quite violently when she was making big movements. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Introduces Nanoha and Nanoha movie and asked who watched and who cried. I cried because I didn’t watch orz.
This rotating stage is too cool.

18.  Take a shot [UO]
19.  Justice to Believe [R]
KITAAAA!!! Even though I said that I memorised the setlist. This song still took me by surprise ><

20.  宝物 [B]
Perfect. Her voice was crystal clear. And the effects for Day 2 were waaay better than Day 1.

SHASSU! call first. wwww Not as sudden as Day 1. And introduced new song for DDD.

And that Yumemaru-kun tried to kiss her AGAIN. ARGH!!! GO AWAY. But Nana’s reaction was soooo cute…////
22.  ONE [B]
Sing-a-long session♪ They showed lyrics on the 2 screens at the sides. But not for Brand New Tops. orz

Really the last song.. )=
JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP like crazy. But my legs couldn’t last me through the whole song )= Gotta do some stairs climbing and running in preparation for QVC.

In conclusion, Day 2 was much much better than Day 1. 当然だろう!
Plus I love my Day 2 seat more than Day 1 even though Day 2 I was on 3F (Day 1 I was on 2F. I could see the stage better, the lighting, effects were better. But the audio… the music was still too loud esp the drums.

And after the live, we went for okonomiyaki!

Okonomiyaki @ Yukari

My first okonomiyaki! 美味しかった!


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