NTV Best Artist Voting

This voting has been going on for weeks already but since it is still on going,
i shall do a post on it for more exposure.

Vote for Nana~~ /o/



****NOTE NOTE NOTE: please key your choice of artists’ names in japanese where applicable. 
水樹奈々 NOT Mizuki Nana
of course if their name is in alphabets then key it in alphabets (eg: EXILE, YUI)

So, it is very very simple and i think you can vote more than once.
(i’ve voted countless of times with different pen names OTZ)

let’s hope Nana will be able to be one of them this year!! \o/







P.S: if readers of this blog would like to view some recent performances by Nana in TS format or mp4 format(depending on what videos i may have only either format), i can upload to MF and send you the link personally.
by recent, i meant more of this year’s and last year’s videos.
it is subjected to availability because i do not download everything sadly.
Some examples will be :
Girls’ Factory
Billboard Japan
Coming Soon!
(it does not represent all i have or does it represent what i don’t have as well)


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