Was watching Suki tte ii na yo~ it has been so long that I watch a pure romance anime…since itazura na kiss ❤ ❤ i absolutely love it hoho cant wait for other episodes.

Anyway, Shin Ai was the song that immediately came to my mind when I watch the anime. And about Shin Ai, i remember saying that i would translate a passage that i read before..but didnt do it since i was busy with work then… But here it is 😀

Firstly, i must apologise as my english isnt very good and i have a limited Vocab range. So, in places that i translated wrongly, pls do point out! onegai itashimasu! m(_ _)m

When i read the passage, I was really touched. I really want to share this to the others hence here it is, (pardon my half arse translation skill ^^;;) If can, do go read the Chinese version to get a better feel. ;D

p.s. Do play Shin Ai while you are reading this 🙂

It was around 1998 when Mizuki Nana’s mother (O-Mama) called Nana, to tell that her father was admitted into the hospital, telling her not to worry as her father is still feeling fine.  However, as a child, there isn’t such thing of being not worried about their parent’s well being. However, O-Mama told Nana that Dad certainly would not allow Nana to go back (to Ehime). Hence, Nana didn’t made to trip back to visit her Dad. However, due to her Grandma’s earlier demise, she was very worry. Nana’s dad was examined with stroke and they must prepare to part with him anytime.
His body condition worsens over the 10 years of fighting with the illness, till the point that he could only remember his 2 daughters and his wife. During this 10 years, O-mama worked very hard. Nana asked her mum if she was ok, however, O-mama kept persevering, for the sake of her children, and her husband. At around 2008, after Nana finished recording Naruto Shippuden, she received an voicemail saying that her father’s condition took a turn to the worst, if it is possible, hope that Nana would come back. Nana is very anxious and could not care less, just wanting to go home and see her dad. However, O-mama was very considerate. She asked Nana and the producers to settle the things first before going home. Nana’s Producer, Mishima-san asked Nana to get back after he received the call from her. To leave everything to him and her manager, and staffs were very considerate too. Nana rushed to her Dad’s hospital with the fastest possible way ever.

Nana was very afraid that her beloved Dad will really leave her, as there were times that he almost left. The journey of going back seems to be especially slow, Nana only reached the second day in the morning. When she reach, O-mama told her that her dad passed away peacefully, without feeling any trace of pain. Nana could accept the truth that she could not even see her dad for the last time. Nana feel like crying a lot, however, she said to herself that she could not cry. It was because that everything that her dad taught her was to be strong. After feeling refreshed, she started taking care of the things. At her dad’s funeral, King Records staff gave their gratitude*, and none of them cried. This was because Nana’s dad is forever happy, if anyone cries, this will defy her father’s will.

Actually, Nana is regretting very much on why didn’t she went back earlier. However, after return to Tokyo, she remembered everything that her dad gave her. It was to move forward without any hesitation, regrets would not solve or change anything. This song, “Shin Ai” , is the feelings of Nana, towards her precious dad, written into a song. And this is also a song where Nana sang when she first stepped on Kouhaku’s stage on 2009.  Her dad once said:” Nana will certainly step onto the Kouhaku stage!” Finally, she made her father’s lifelong wish come true. In this 10 years, she is very proud of O-Mama. Without her care, there might be a chance that all Nana would not have succeeded in anything. She wish that her future partner will be like her parents, that will take care and love her.

This is the first time that I am translating something like this.. tried my best to not lose its meaning during my half-ass translation. I hope that I didnt. XD I tried to stay as close as the original version as possible. If u see any problems or part/phrases that I can change and make it better, pls do comment below! Thank you very much!

*Gratitude. I can’t think of another word for this…  (King   Records的製作人們都有送上心意) Any suggestions?



在恐懼心的支配下,她很害怕爸爸真的會離她而去,在早前爸爸亦差點跨過鬼門關。回去的時間總是感到很慢,在第二日早晨終於到達。去到的時候,奈奈媽媽告訴她,爸爸很安詳地­離去,沒有一絲的痛苦。奈奈當然是接受不到事實,因為自己沒法見爸爸最後一面。她很想哭,但她不可以哭,因為爸爸教導她的所有事,都是要奈奈堅強,奈奈清醒後,決定開始善­後的工作。在爸爸的喪禮上,King Records的製作人們都有送上心意,而每一個到場的人都沒有哭,因為奈奈的爸爸永遠都是開心著,如果哭的話,就辜負了爸爸的遺志。




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