We… made cards!

I hope this justifies our lack of updates recently lol. (What no it won’t)

If you guys saw it before, we were talking about doing a business card project thing where we will make something like a business card and when we see fellow Nana fans in various events we will give them the card to let us all know that WE ARE NOT ALONE!! get them to join us and widen our circle of Nana fans etc.

I was half kidding back then.
Gekkie wanted it done.



Thanks to total of 12 Nanatards contributing, we got it printed! (Thanks everyone~)
*Just went to collect it earlier today*
Here’s a sneak! *Evil me blurred it up XD*

Didn’t intend to blur it this much but i got carried away. LOL.
But hey, I drew in a smiley and two 7s. XD

We intend to start with this in the upcoming AFASG, and this 2 boxes would probably last us for quite some time. YAY~
*I hope we don’t get too many whacky ideas in the future. Haha.*

P.S. The true reason for the lack of updates is….. We are getting murdered by this horrendous entities they call “School” and “Work”. This is mostly how I stay awake in class.


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Fan of Nana Mizuki since 2010 Currently in Japan as uni student so I (hopefully) get more chances to see Nana <--Oi Will post some random stuff once in a while... :3 View all posts by DarkHoliness

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