The long awaited Bright Stream performance is here!!! there’s a few jelly moments so…
Without further ado, let’s jelly together!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(shameless me is too lazy to screen caps so i borrowed pics from here:

happy nana is here!

nana graced the stage as usual with a great smile! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

feel my presence!

nana is forever never too old too young for twintails ww

Nana lolis fans are soooooo blessed ;A; …
watching nana sing from less than 3m distance………………..

i see bright white penlights ww

apparently, i think this show is targeted for elderly….so we have some nonchalant while some are spontaneous~
energy from fans are more than enough! i hope they did enjoy nana’s amazing vocals ^^

can you spot nanetto? ww

hahaha can you see the white bird?? XD

Moving on…..we have lolis nana fans singing Scarlet Knight and Discotheque for us!

YES! To sing in front of Nana-sama…

this scarlet knight girl is reallllllly good.
considering the pressure to sing in front of nana-sama and having her praise you is a feat!  ( ´ ▽ ` )d

is this the goddess in front of my eyes?!

life could never be better to have nana stand like less than 15cm away from you…
and have her touching you… (oi
she’s from Niihama and from the same middle school as Nana, thus technically she’s nana-sama’s kouhai! XD

wait…there’s more.. BE JELLY NOW.

THE GODDESS HUG!!! (taken from @7seeder twitpic)

GIVE NANA HUGHUG TO MEEEEEE TTATT *hughug: adapted from shkify*
(edit: @7seeder shamelessly took from ww)


the discotheque twin sisters! XD
they were really very nervous but i think they did a great job!


Nana clapping to discotheque! so cute… (人´∀`*)

t-t-that h-hand…… ((((;゜Д゜)))

touch my arm too nana-sama!! (°Д(O=( ̄□ ̄;)O

don’t ever wash that shirt…frame it frame it!! (oi oi oi ww

Feel jellyyyy??? ( ̄ー ̄)sad life for us . LOL

edit: Nana sang 2 more songs after broadcast ended. popmaster and….yozakura oshichi.
whuaii no broadcast popmaaaaa ;A;)o))












these are the links for BS, SK and Discotheque. When will it be taken down, i don’t know. good luck!


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