AFASG 2012 aftermath

1 week late, because a certain idiot went for concert 3 days in a row even though she has morning class the very next day (and for the rest of the week and also work on weekend)

Met up with quite a few Nanatards~
Didn’t give them cards because they are already in the group lol

Which means we ended up not using a lot of our cards but yea, we did meet some new Nanatards XD
Worn Nana Concert Shirts on Day 2 and heard quite a lot of “MIZUKI NANA??!?!” while we are walking around, but those people are like, NINJAS. Totally don’t know where are they. Can’t find because most of the time we are trying not to get drowned by the sea of people (and one time we were desperately looking for the exit)

AFA was, as expected… like normal……… was only fun because the Nanatards I went with are crazy people. How crazy? VERY crazy.

Anyways, I shall post the pic of the cards I blurred the other day~



We’ll be posting our live reports from those 3 days soon so look out for it =D It’s not really Nana related but it’s still Anisong and so it is somehow related. (Nana please come SG please please please please)
It might take some time, but yeah we’ll get it out. It’s being drafted already.

Did you guys go for AFASG2012? If you did, how was it for you?? XD

P.S. The next outing might be at EOY2012. TBC.

P.S.S <– this page is making and selling decals at EOY like they did in AFA. Check them out, and vote for Nanoha because I want a Fate decal for my laptop. THANKS~ XD


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Fan of Nana Mizuki since 2010 Currently in Japan as uni student so I (hopefully) get more chances to see Nana <--Oi Will post some random stuff once in a while... :3 View all posts by DarkHoliness

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