Shukan Playboy interview translation

Before Christmas ends (depending on where u are living ww) GMT+8 here~ heres my little present XDD  enjoy~

Original article:




今月発売したアルバムの『ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS』での彼女自身による作詞は、命をかけて相手を守るという、究極の愛が表現されている。まるで、曲を出す度にその想いが加速しているかのようだ。



Chinese Translation from baidu :




根据这个月发售的专辑《ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS》中她自己的作词,表现出了一种拼上性命保护对方的这样一种究极的爱。仿佛每次创作歌曲时这样的想法更加深刻一般。

“是的是的。我想还能做的更好(笑)。不管是艰辛还是悲伤,把一切都解放出来,呈现给大家,这是一张将努力融合在歌中的专辑” 她,不仅将爱给于众人,也许心地也很善良。

My translation:

“The Queen of anisong”, Mizuki Nana, who is soon appearing on the year’s end NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, graces Shukan Playboy for the first time. Not as a singer or seiyuu, she talks about her personal love and marriages views.

As an anisong singer, she completed numerous challenges like attending Kouhaku, KOMA zachou kouen and having a Tokyo Dome concert, a girl who keeps realising her dreams. On the other side, regarding her personal dreams, she mentioned: “I would like to try dating and also marriage, but…..”

“I am not a person who really know how to be affectionate to others and have a personality that like to command/lead the others (laughs). I don’t like to let the others see my weaker side, also giving others the feeling of “it is okay if I do something by myself” (laughs). This is why OMama said, it might be easier to strike lottery than seeing me getting married.( laughs) My dream is that even if I am already an old lady, and I can still keep running around and singing while showing my belly button. If there is someone who can accept and understand my way of thinking, and hence building up mutual trust, (having him as my the other half) it would be good that way.

From ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS, the album releasing this month, her lyrics she penned showed “even if I am going to sacrifice my life, I am going to protect the person” this kind of ultimate love. It is as if this way of thinking increases every time when she creates new songs.

“Yes, I want and will do even better. (laughs) No matter if something is difficult or sad, I want to show(/release) everything and present it to everyone. This is an album that combined everyone’s hardwork together with the songs”

She is the girl who not only gives her love to everyone, and is probably also a person who is very kind.

EDIT: 3rd paragraph: changed leader personality to personality that like to command/lead the others. in japanese, it says 長女体質  which lit. means eldest daughter genetic make-up and in chinese, it is 老大一样的个性… which kind of means the bossy type.. but i dont think it really fit as it sort of have the -ve connotation.. 

p.s. i apologise for this lousy translation..i know there are some parts which might be awkward…pls help point them out and make the translation better! and if there are any mistakes,please do point them out too!

p.p.s. I want to make this a little christmas present~ so i will my comments later XD


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