Happy 2013~

Credits on photo. Taken from CNA Facebook

Credits on photo. Taken from CNA Facebook

Firstly, 明けましておめでとう!
2012 was certainly a year full of Nana goodness for us. As we welcome year 2013, lets look forward to another year of Nana’s awesomeness!

A new year comes and of course, we must set ourselves some new goals..?
So here at SGUFC, we’ve set ourselves some 2013 resolutions~

1. Get ourselves a group logo.
-Was first mentioned along with the proposition of having some unofficial FC goods. Pretty soon designs will be posted on our Facebook group for voting, and then we’ll finally get ourselves a greater sense of identity. (lolwut)

-Which means, banners will then be edited with an additional logo. Of course this isn’t on the top on our priorities lists because Singaporeans are pretty much 24/7 busy. (oi)

-And then we can get ourselves some unofficial FC goods like badges, pins… small stuff as suggested by Nanatards on Facebook.

-Hoodies and T-shirts were suggested but I guess we’re not at that level yet LOL.

-Even membership cards were mentioned.

2. Need more meet ups! (Gekkie)
-Because of schedule problems, every time we decide to go somewhere it’s so last minute that we can’t make it a meet up. Only “successful” meet up in year 2012 was Cosfest.

-Currently hoping for a curry eating meet up on 20th Jan (21st being a Monday so 20th seems like a better choice). However on that date apparently a good number of us are going to be in Japan for Opus II. Good for them D=

3. Clear out our drafts.
-Procrastination is scary even on the internet. heehee

Only 3 for now, but quite a lot of sub points so I guess that makes up for the lack of resolutions. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Not sure if more will be added but…
Here’s wishing everyone a happy new year~


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