Club Logo~

I (again) apologise for the lack of updates.

Well……. here are my excuses =D
-Polytechnic crunch period. Weeks straight of doing nothing but assignments.
-Chinese New Year house visiting and all

Back on topic, our logo polling happened on our facebook page quite a long while ago. We decided not to hold one here because it was a short poll I pushed in in the middle of my assignments… Which means it ended pretty fast…

And we have our results~


This is a rough low res version. And the text should say “UFC Singapore” instead of FC Singapore.
I’m waiting for our designer to finalise it. (Okay we did not hire anyone LOL the designer is gekkie.)
When she does (she has a part time job now D=), we will come up with goods to be made.

In case anyone is curious, this is the full set of logos that were up for voting.


On a side note, Blood C The Last Dark is subbed. Apparently since yesterday. And I only found out today. D=
Not accessing anime sites for 3 days and this is what happenes. D=

Anyways, the movie was better than the series thousand folds but I’m still confused. Still many stuff unanswered.
All in all, Nana and Metro Baroque ❤


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