2013 Tour Title confirmed!

Old news but, the title for Nana’s tour in 2013 has been announced!

Starting 7/7/2013 in Ehime Budoukan, the whole tour will take about 2 months and a half to complete.
Here’s the schedule (found from Nana’s official website)

7th July 2013 (Sunday) 【Ehime】Ehime Budoukan

14th July 2013 (Sunday) 【Osaka】Osaka-jou Hall

15th July 2013 (Monday) 【Osaka】Osaka-jou Hall

2013年7月20日(土)【岩手】北上市文化交流センター さくらホール
20th July 2013 (Saturday) 【Iwate】 Kitakami-shi Bunka Kouryuu Centre-Sakura Hall

21st July 2013 (Sunday) 【Fukushima】Sukagawa-shi Bunka Centre

3rd August 2013 (Saturday) 【Saitama】Seibu Dome

4th August 2013 (Sunday) 【Saitama】Seibu Dome

10th August 2013 (Saturday) 【Miyazaki】Miyazaki Shimin Bunka Hall

2013年8月11日(日)【鹿児島】鹿児島市民文化ホール 第1ホール
11th August 2013 (Sunday) 【Kagoshima】Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall 1

17th August 2013 (Saturday) 【Aichi】Nihon Gaishi Hall

18th August 2013 (Sunday) 【Aichi】Nihon Gaishi Hall

Nana mentioned on Smile Gang 570 that Iwate, Fukushima, Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefecture are new locations!!! Omedetou~~

Good news #2 (not exactly new but.. forgive us), Live Union and Live Grace OPUS II will be made into DVD and BD, titled “NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE -OPUS Ⅱ-×UNION“. Set to be released on 1st May 2013, it will include Live Grace 20th Jan 2013 at Saitama Super Arena and Live Union 8th September 2012 at QVC Marine Field. It will set us back 7777yen, which is about SGD$103.65. (Google’s conversion rates on 7th March 2013, around 8.40pm)

Live Grace is a must watch. So BUY IT.


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8 responses to “2013 Tour Title confirmed!

  • ZiXian

    So expensive? Anyway, any idea which site can I buy tickets for Nana’s upcoming concert in July? Also, are there any good seats to get a closer view of her? Thanks

    • DarkHoliness

      7777yen is the usual price of Nana’s DVD/BDs… and it’s actually considered not bad right now already considering how much the Japanese government is pushing down the strength of the Japanese yen recently… ><)

      As for the tickets question (Im not too sure though, everything from here on is what I have HEARD.)

      I heard you can get them through
      1. auctions for relatively good seats, (expensive because auction)
      2. get someone in the official fc (S.C. Nana Net) to get you the fc tickets (not necessary good),
      3. queue up on the day itself to get normal tickets (which is normally not good)

      though I heard the first 2 is not advised because sometimes they do id checks during the concerts to see if the ticket id matches the one who first purchased it (the one you got it from)

      If it does not match they could chase you out.

      • ZiXian

        No official ticketing site to purchase it? Like SISTIC in Singapore?

      • DarkHoliness

        Hmm…. I’ll check it for you.
        though it will take sometime because I’m currently not in SG. Will either get others to get back to you or I ask them for you =D

      • shkify

        Hello, thanks for your comment. (I sound like a bot w)

        Her concert ticket sales goes like this:

        1st wave: SC NANA NET application
        The one for LIVE CIRCUS just started, and no, can’t apply for it w/o a FC account, and no, applying for one FC account now is too late. To add on, they don’t accept foreign address, Japanese address only.

        2nd wave: Animelo application
        Not sure whether there’s any Animelo tickets allocated for LIVE CIRCUS, gotta wait for further announcements, and yes, you’ll need an Animelo account to apply, and no, foreigners can’t apply.

        3rd wave: General sales
        NANAPARTY will post the webpage for application for balloting tickets for general public in due course, and no, foreigners can’t buy online either.

        Last resort: Actual day tickets
        Go to the venue and queue for the tickets at the ticketing counter. Everyone can buy. While stocks last.

        Hope this answers your questions.

        1. FC staffs started to actively check IDs since LIVE UNION.
        2. LIVE GRACE 2013 -OPUSII- had a “1 FC acct, 1 ticket” restriction. I believe they will continue with this for future concerts.

      • ZiXian

        “While stocks last” doesn’t sound optimistic at all haha. Wonder if there’ll be a lot of people queuing up and how early I have to queue if I really want it. Thanks anyway.

  • ZiXian

    Oh and another thing, will the live BD/DVD be available in Singapore?

    • DarkHoliness

      If you are lucky, you might spot a taiwan version in popular cd rama or hmv.

      Its easier if you just get from cdjapan/other online sites you prefer (as long as they count towards the oricon!)

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