Nanoha 2nd a’s movie!

Its out!!!!

A few days ago!!

I’m now in America, so i didnt know but,
No one told me!!!! D: Whyyyyy!?!?!

In case someone else is like me, NANOHA 2nd A’s Movie subs are available for stream/download~!
I attempted to watch just now but my internet connection here is pretty bad….. D:

Here’s a view from my dorm. Will be back in Singapore next week. Hopefully Gekkie gets the logo ready by then. LOL



About DarkHoliness

Fan of Nana Mizuki since 2010 Currently in Japan as uni student so I (hopefully) get more chances to see Nana <--Oi Will post some random stuff once in a while... :3 View all posts by DarkHoliness

3 responses to “Nanoha 2nd a’s movie!

  • Amelia Ho

    surprising they finish sub/uploading on the release date itself, i was like O.O “so fast upload…..with sub also?!”

    well have a good time in America ^^

    • DarkHoliness

      I managed to finish watching yesterday… (Had to reload like thrice or something)…

      A lot of content are changed…. But it’s still awesome.

      In fact, I find it better that they actual gave the defense system a name and introduced the unison system here…. In the original series it was very inconsistent and strange after StrikerS came out :3

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