AFASG2012 Electric Groove Concert Day 1 – Electro Stage

Attempt to clear drafts #1
Just got back from San Francisco, and suffering slight jet lag. So I’ll clear this since I have time. (I got lazy trying to unpack my luggage)

Electro Stage AKA TM Revolution (TMR)’s solo concert~!
First heard TMR’s song in Gundam Seed. Thought he was pretty awesome, but his concert simply amazing. Very strong stage presence.

In this report I’ll be leaving out the MCs…. cos I can’t remember where it was and all he said was:
“I’ve been to many countries *starts listing out a bunch of countries and then concluding the list with “yeah a lot of them”* and finally, I can have concert in Singapore”
“I’m so happy to be able to meet all of you”
And the usual thing about the 311 earthquake that all artistes never fail to mention since AFA11, and that’s about it.

I will also skip over some (most) songs because….. I didn’t do enough homework prior to the concert so I don’t know most songs…. (HIS STAGE PRESENCE WON ME OVER THOUGH)

TMR came out with a… prince? kind of costume. All white with lots of bling. I found pic of it online. =D
(Was drafted so long ago. Can’t believe I left out the original links for the pics. I will add them when I find it to credit whoever took it.)


1. Flags
I first heard this song just 1 day before the concert, and it got stuck on me. Damn happy this song is first (Though it’s kinda expected?) The PV was kinda funny but it’s a great song. I think this song was from Sengoku Basara?
Before the mid point of this song all of us realised… The sound system in the max pavillion/AFA’s sound engineer is simply lousy. Not even 1 song is finished and we’re already deaf. =/

2. Zips
I don’t know this song lol. But ZW(Our unofficial camera-man in OFPSG and also outings) likes it a lot. So he is happy.

3. Web of Night

I think somewhere here there was a MC…. And somewhere here he took off a layer of clothing. LOL so it became something like this.

4. soul’s crossing

OMG OMG OMG OMG THE FIRST TMR SONG I HEARD. It’s a remixed version, and every now and then TMR would make us sing along, which we did, but thanks to the sound system, no one can hear it. =/ Someone (apparently sitting at the back) complained on AFA site that no one was singing along. HELLO. THE WHOLE VIP SEATS PEOPLE TRIED THEIR BEST.

6. Meteor

I think another layer of clothing was taken off somewhere around here.. Or maybe slightly later. No idea how many times it happened can’t remember but eventually it ended like this.

7. Vestige
Slow song? (To me) Mostly I give this song a skip on my itunes but hearing it live is definitely different. It’s even better.

8. Save the one, save the all

9. resonance
MORE SING (scream) ALONGS~ This song is more awesome in live than in mp3. Because screaming along is fun.

10. crosswise

11. Naked Arms

12. Sword Summit

13. ignited
Just days before the concert I was looping this song. The live version has so much more impact than mp3 version, probably because the mp3 file I have sucks. Or it could be because of the loudness of the sound system. =3

14. Heart of Sword

Singaporeans are weird. Encore and mo ikkai shouts came flying all over even before TMR and band went in backstage. Is that supposed to be normal I don’t know (not enough concert experience)…

Well anyways they came out again, in T-shirts which I did not buy. =/

1. The party must go on
2. Chase/ the thrill

Lots of head banging and shaking from his hard core fans…. I think they are Japanese. They just kept shaking their heads and they looked like they just came out from a swimming pool. Dripping sweat. I bet they had lots of fun.

Then it was time to say good bye~ He tried to say something, but the crowd went “huh?” and he said “maa ii ya”…. Apparently what he was trying to say was probably “kamsia”, Hokkien for “thanks” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Turns out the hardcore fans were really Japanese. And guess what, there was even a tour guide sort of person guiding Japs into a tour bus outside at the end of the concert… WOAH WOAH. WHAT. A tour bus full of TMR fans… WOAH….. What will happen if Nana came…..
Ended up being REALLY tired from the concert. It being held on a friday makes it very tiring itself and with TMR’s awesome performance, our muscles ached as we struggled to get to AFA the next day very early in the morning. Got his autographed poster on Sat also. Got quite a few people jealous cos apparently the hit rate for the poster ballot was rather low.

I might edit this post with a photo of my poster. But I’m lazy to take it out. XD

PS. Me and my friend was talking about the concert few days later and the moments we remember the most was him taking off layers of his clothes. LMAO. SG is really hot eh? And I heard from her that TMR got sick after he returned to Japan because it’s too hot and humid here. IKR. I just returned from San Francisco and I already miss the free air con from nature.

With this, 2 more drafts left to clear~


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3 responses to “AFASG2012 Electric Groove Concert Day 1 – Electro Stage

  • zixian1992

    Nice of him to bring in Gundam Seed/Destiny songs here. Invoke and Ignited were the very 1st songs that I ever downloaded… Was about 3 years ago when I listened to Web of Night, Sword Summit and Heart of Sword. Good to know that out of this tracklist, i had listened to 9 of them before, thanks to Gundam Seed series. Nice rock songs he has, especially good when used in Gundam Seed/Destiny. If only Nana ever comes to SG, I’ll dump good money to get a nice VIP seat…

    • DarkHoliness

      It will be great if Nana ever comes. Best on her own instead of through AFA (though coming through AFA seem more easier to achieve)
      We are all waiting for it to happen XD

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