Cover for Live Grace -Opus II- x Union

The cover for Live Grace -Opus II- x Union is out on Nana’s website! As usual, eye cancer sized. I zoomed in a little before I snapshot so it’s slightly blurry but still negligible if viewed on our page so XD  Bigger sized pictures found~

BD*(updated with bigger size):



DVD*(updated with bigger size):

smexy leggggggs

smexy leggggggs

(Actually I really did had a nosebleed yesterday. It’s too hot here in Singapore now… ~35degs? And I just came back from a ~15deg or lower place after staying there for 2 weeks. uwahhhh ~20degs difference and you’ll get nose blood people)

Personally liking the DVD version more, which is also what I ordered since I have no BD player =X
Oh and I noticed BD’s cover is wider? Some people have been saying recently DVD’s covers are nicer than BD’s. I only buy DVD anyways woots!
*Ooomph* < Got whacked by people buying BD. (Hey BD’s video quality is like an awesome only. D:)

If you haven’t ordered it, here’s CDJapan’s links for it. A B2 sized poster will be given.

BD: (Did not indicate how many copies left at time of posting)
Click Here

DVD: (7 copies left at time of posting)
Click Here

Disclaimer: It’s not a must to order from CDJapan, but for Singaporeans CDJapan is an easier choice. We are Singapore based remember? =D


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4 responses to “Cover for Live Grace -Opus II- x Union

  • zixian1992

    Posted similar stuff on my own site too but had trouble grabbing the photo from official site. At least until you mentioned PrintScreen and crop… This aside, yep, Nana’s got nice legs!!! Woo~ But I still find her facial expression most alluring in a lot of photos, haha.

    • DarkHoliness

      I’m on a MacBook Pro so all I had to do was use 2 finger pinch (like how you would do to enlarge something on a smart phone) to zoom in and then use cmd+shift+4 and select the area I want to capture.

      Zooming in was totally optional but the photos are (always) small D=

      Nana is getting more and more alluring in her recent photos. It feels more and more adult. (But she still looks young?!)

  • zixian1992

    Btw, you know anyone who went to Japan to watch her concert before? I’m thinking of going for the live in Osaka, but have no idea how it’s like buying tickets on the spot. Is it very crowded? And how early in the day do I have to go there to secure the tickets and such? Any info is ver much appreciated.

  • rainydanz

    Reblogged this on Danny's Blog of fandom and commented:
    the cover for Live grace – opus II – X union dvd n blu ray is just so damn awesome, totally love her pirate costume also ❤

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