Project Yamato 2199

So it came to our knowledge that Nana is in “Project Yamato 2199”, that will sing the OP theme song for TV Anime “Space Battleship Yamato 2199”

Anime homepage:

Lineup of Project Yamato 2199

A lot of big names in the team, and I’m actually wondering how this works. *It’s like sudden info that came from nowhere for me so…..*
We are guessing that it works like Anisama theme song and each person gets a line or something like that.
Anyone knows anything? Do tell us onegaishimasu~

Also interesting to note in the lineup page most artiste have photos with same recording studio in background….?
*I’m not really too sure about this….heh heh…*

P.S. shkify was the one who found this somewhere on twitter first. Seems like she randomly found it too. I wonder how long has this been going on. =/

Update from shkify:
She will also be singing the ED theme song for the 7th Yamato movie, which is also the last of the 7 movies which they will be remaking with the original anime as its base. The 7th chapter is planned to air in August.
It is also stated in the article that the original writer requested Nana-san to sing the 7th ED theme. (1-6 will also be done by different artists)
Apparently Yamato 2199 Project consist of aTV Anime and 7 movies.



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