[Preview] Preserved Roses Radio Rip

Preserved Roses!!!!!

FIRST FULL SONG BROADCAST IN THE WORLD. yes, even faster than japan. It is aired today (6th May) on a taiwan radio, HitFM.


(kindly recorded by 猫游神 via weibo, all thanks to him! :D)

The DJ is intro-ing Nana and TMR, and while he speaks the song is playing already. ><
Luckily, that part is what we heard on Valvrave OP. =D

Bask yourself in the awesomeness, people, while I cry at how amazing this collaboration is.


(for those who dont understand mandarin)

At the start of the song, the DJ said:

Even though for me, a person who does not have much knowledge about anime culture, i believe that alot of anime fans will feel very excited after listening to this kind (genre) of music/song. Why? It is because, one of the singers of this song, Mizuki Nana, who is one of the very famous seiyuu and Nishikawa Takanori or T.M. Revolution, who is in the genre of electro-pop since the 90s are in this inter-company collaboration. This created the first-to-be-revealed song, Preserved Roses.

And then in the end:

The DJ comments about how epic both their vibratos are, and how not only anime freaks would listen, but also those people who have those heavily modified cars and would blast music in their cars at night etc.


CD+DVD (Limited Edition)

Limited Pressing

Regular Edition


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