Music Fair Goodness

So….yesterday the long awaited live singing for Preserved Roses and I LOVE YOU was aired and…


kinda mixed up some emotions i had when i was watching PR and ILY (ww

Let’s not keep you waiting 8D //it will be a long post! you have been warned !










Screencaps are taken from because i’m just plain lazy. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

review on PR:

this song is really not easy at all.
when i first listened to it, i was like “OH GOODNESS, THEY SOUND LIKE THE CD VERSION”
but after i replayed it for the 2nd time, some distinct differences could be heard.

smexy nana (*゚ロ゚)

smexy nana (*゚ロ゚)

to portray the aggressiveness of the song while maintaining harmony and not over powering each other, the song isn’t even slow. Σ(゚Д゚|||)

never knew this song could be so smexy....

never knew this song could be so smexy….

move ya bodyy~ yeah yeah~~(」゜ロ゜)」

move ya bodyy~ yeah yeah~~(」゜ロ゜)」



admiration and respect for both takako-chan Nishikawa-san and kondou-san Nana-chan


those eyes….

nana in black is soooo good (*ェ* )

Next, I LOVE YOU was a soothing duet from the classmates.

some dramatic scene ww

some dramatic scene ww

i love simple the outfit is… ;A;

gently gently producing each note

gently producing each note

tsuyuoshi-san's hair is set pretty nicely....

tsuyuoshi-san’s hair is set pretty nicely….

oh how high is your heels, nana? ww

maaya-san(from twitter) pointed out how nana is almost as tall as tsuyoshi ww

he isn’t very tall for a guy actually but those heels did their work =p

notice the difference in expression ww

difference in expression ww

Nana did a good job harmonizing and Tsuyoshi-san was damn good with the expression (musically).

The last part where nana sang one octave higher was beautiful (TTェTT )

tsuyoshi-san don’t cryyy TTATT

no, he isn’t about to cry ww



(Edit cannot find talk only part. Oh wells you can listen to the songs again =D)

from here on, it will be a rough translate so read it at your own risk.
i apologize for the mistakes that are gonna appear in advance m(_ _)m

"stop staring..." "ehhh??" ww

“stop staring…”
“ehhh??” ww

so..tsuyo was saying he was very nervous singing the classic song I LOVE YOU and addressed nana as kondou-san saying they were classmate (bringing this over here ww

don't call me kondou-san...TT^TT

calling me kondou-san…TT^TT

hehh... ( ̄ー ̄)

hehh… ( ̄ー ̄)

they didn’t really talked to each other then, only remembering her as a quiet girl which he don’t even remember her voice ww

"i did lend you my homework ok!! so ingrateful!"

“i did lend you my homework ok!! so ingrateful!”

then nana rebutted that she used to let tsuyo see her homework and envied tsuyo that he could write “absent due to work” when he is absent from school (nana had good attendance in school which means she didn’t have many work offers…D:)

iiya iiyaaa

“iiya iiyaaa nth happened really!!!”

regarding singing the song “I LOVE YOU” with a classmate,
he was glad that nothing much happened during school days,
if not it might be awkward for this collaboration ww (yokatta yokatta~~


As nana is the ambassador for Ehime Prefecture,  nana asked takako-chan for advice since he is the ambassador for Shiga Prefecture.
then takako-chan said tsuyo was also an ambassador for Nara Prefecture (so many ambassadors ww)
as there isn’t many events there, he thought of creating some events that everyone would look forward to like inazuma rock fest


tsuyo said he would talk to those mayors and and host some events of sort.
Then he commented takako-chan might become those type of old man one day because they have the same aura (jiji-ossan ww
takako-chan then mentioned about his father working in the government (politician?) so i think he is used to seeing what his father is doing which make things easier (not very sure OTZ



apparently Mizumori-san was an ambassador of 11 Prefectures even outside of japan like Hawaii (wow….


uwaii~~ barii-sannnn

kondou barina.... ww

Kondou Barina…. ww

anyway, so they proposed some ideas like voicing Barii-san ww

Bariko-san, barina, kondou barina //so kondou is used everywhere ww

yea, so what qn do you have for me?

yea, so what qn do you have for me?

Takako-chan to Zuki-na!

he commented on how the atmosphere becomes very formal and tense when nana enters because she was very proper, kinda like a girl entering an all boys club room then every guys tensed up kinda feel ww

basically he just praises how nana is very ladylike and humble ww

takako-chan then asked about how nana relief her stress ww

yeah bro whassup!

yeah bro whassup!

tsuyo was asked about his opinion which he just said he always had the impression that nana is a very serious girl.
When greeting people or just casual talking to people, she would always be very polite to them.
so even when they meet after so long, nana is still very proper and polite which made him think nana didn’t change at all, which is good.

bro-style greeting ww

bro-style greeting ww

so finally! nana answered the question with:

1. she would play with keitannn

so that's how nana plays with keitan ww

so that’s how nana plays with keitan ww

2. or relax herself in an onsen


uwaaaaa~~ shiawaseeee

imitation of how  he thought nana would eat in small bites ww

squirrel mitai ww

squirrel mitai ww

pero pero~~

pero pero wo shimasen!!!

pero pero wo shimasen!!!

pero pero

pero pero~~


Oshio-san to Nana-chan!

as a seiyuu, nana-chan would take on different roles, is there a role nana-chan would find it difficult to express??

b-b-but it was really difficult.... *puppy eyes*

b-b-but it was really difficult…. *puppy eyes*

this part i’m not too sure but i think she mentioned about those historical type of anime in which they use the old japanese which she found it challenging.

so they requested nana to do live dubbing! YAY!


megumi-san kakkoi de arimasu~

“megumi-san kakkoi de arimasu~”




so the usual pun ww






it has been a long post, i’m sorry for any mistakes along the way, i’ll review it again next time
(having a fever while writing the post ww)


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