Preserved Roses Rankings

Rankings for 14th may. So I’m guessing for online orders etc? Not sure. (Lets check tomorrow)
With the combined power of both Takako-chan and Zukkiina~~~~!
(Not sure if it matters, but the one ranked below is the first press limited edition (CD+DVD) tried seeing if other version are lower ranked or anything but nope. It might not matter but I’m an Oricon noob. =/)

Ahh..... Zannen. Johnny's are powerful after all...

Ahh….. Zannen. Johnny’s are powerful after all…

#2…. Oh wells. Good job anyways~!

*Though I feel that splitting it into 3 editions is enough to dilute the sales for each editions. =/

Not much for me to say in this post. So…. (Short posts FTW~)
P.S. Expect more Preserved Roses love coming from us for a period of time. =D


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