More and More Preserved Roses Love

I’m lazy to translate. Might do it later.

Anyways, LisAni’s Preserved Roses making of PV episode came out yesterday, however, the video was taken down within 6 mins of uploading. None of us managed to see it. D= (Much less talk about it)
Both Sony and King are known to be efficient in taking down videos but this…. this… (WTHHHHHHH?!?!??!)

Also, if you look around (including sites like youku) you can find the official “Trailer Movies” for Preserved Roses. There are 6 in total, be sure to check it out!
After the CD release, content in the DVD was circulating around the net too. They are all “making of” videos so maybe those makes up for LisAni loss.

And if this is any good news (After that depressing LisAni news this should be good) PRESERVED ROSES FULL PV WILL BE UNVEILED 19th MAY 00:00AM! Which means it’s coming this midnight~

It will be on Preserved Roses official Youtube channel for 24 hours, and yeah, non-existent-in-the-eyes-of-Sony-and-King-fans-from-overseas have no right will not be able to see it as usual. Well, somewhere somewhat hopefully we’ll have access to it. =D


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