29th Single Announced

Should have posted this wayyy earlier, but my Opus II x Union and Preserved Roses came recently (SAL because im cheapskate) and I’ve been doing nothing but going through all the awesome content I wish. Haven’t gotten around  to enjoy them thoroughly due to the hated poly crunch time….

It’s already old news, but it’s not good to let this blog go for weeks without any posts so bear with me =D

Nana’s 29th Single Announced~!





Released on July 31st, it will include 3 songs, including OP for Symphogear G, Yamato 2199 7 ED.
1200yen is about SGD$15~ now.

First Press (tentatively) comes in a special colour case (I’m directly translating from the Katakana orz)

Nothing on the cover/titles is announced yet, but CDJapan has already listed it.

I didn’t check other sites though. Heh.

Maaa… time really flies, Nana is already on her 29th Single ;D

PS. Personally looking forward to Symphogear G OP. Synchrogazer Part 2~! (OHHH MAKE A PART 2 OF THE PV ONEGAII WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SHE WAKES UP? XD)


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