1st Year Anniversary~

nanamizukiufcsg turns one year old today~

Special thanks to everyone who has been viewing and supporting this blog despite our irregular/late updates~


Thoughts from the admins:

Gekkie: まじで?!ほんとう?!もう一年間?!!! ホントウ シンジラレナイ!!!!!!  Happy 1 year old anniversaryyyy!!! \o\ 今まで、無事で皆のおかげです〜〜 これからもよろしくね〜 Lets all keep loving nana~ and share our nana love! \o\  (will draw sth if i am free, currently not. so i shall 欠 it first XDD;;)

shkify: みんなさんと一緒に過ごしたこの一年間はとっっっても楽しくて幸せでした。本当にありがとうございました!これからもきっといっぱいいっぱい楽しいことをやるつもりですから、どっからでもかかってこーい!よろしくシャーッス!

Airisu:  そのとりです。以上 \(•ェ• )

DarkHoliness: Stop spamming Japanese can… =.=”

As a side note, lets take a look at our achievements for this past 1 year~

Blog Accomplishments:
Blog Views Count: 13,055
(However the comments count is extremely low, and most of them are from admins. D;)
Followers count: 21
Countries we’ve reached out to: 77 (OMG REALLY?)
Total blog posts Count: 77 (excluding this post)

Facebook Accomplishments
Facebook Group Members: 74
Events Organised: Half (EOY “meet” lol)

Misc Accomplishments:
-Launch of promo cards for club
-Logo’s general design selected/more or less finalised


77 banzai? =D


About DarkHoliness

Fan of Nana Mizuki since 2010 Currently in Japan as uni student so I (hopefully) get more chances to see Nana <--Oi Will post some random stuff once in a while... :3 View all posts by DarkHoliness

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