Grace Opus II Screening x Stock Market Day?!


sorry for the long title w

On June 8, we had our 1st RGG outing after we created this blog/fb group for a year!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

We decided to have a Nana Mizuki Live Grace Opus II screening to “celebrate” our 1 year anniversary XD
The admins sincerely thank those who had participated and joined us on that day. m(_ _)m
w/o your participation, this wouldn’t have happened.

えぇぇ?What's going on?!

えぇぇ?What’s going on?!

so if u have been on twitter, fb or any other social networking websites,
it sldn’t be foreign to you that the annual AKB48 sousenkyo was going on on that day as well…
so onee-sama and i set up our fort  for monitoring the stock market setlist during the first half of Grace Opus II ww (⌒▽⌒;;)


monitoring the stock market intensively….


and then otagei to Nana’s songs xD

(we were called the “technical support team as well *runs*)



despite the presence of the stock market,
the setlist wasn’t much of a concern so we were still having fun otagei-ing to nana’s live \(≧∇≦\) (/≧∇≦)/


the other end’s view….




more UO over that side… www

Grace II has long MCs and less songs than usual set list so it was less aggressive until etabure ww



so we have reached this part…
during this song, no one was moving.
everyone was truly listening to nana-chan’s sincerity with all their heart (or so i hope)

finally! we have reached the end!
the only thing left was a….





fun shot www (y>▽<)y

credits to Cel Lo for helping us with the group photos! xD

P.S: on behalf of the admins,
i would like to apologize for any bad hospitality that you’ve experienced on that day.

we had a reflection meeting on fb and we promise to be better hosts the next time if we have such events.

so please give us sad first timers another chance!! m(_ _)m
お願いします!m(_ _)m


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