Seems like a mic modeled after a sword (looks like a hilt to me) in relation to Symphogear G and Tsubasa? :3
^Doesn’t seem like it now that high res is out….
That dress/whatever she is wearing reminds me of CC from Code Geass though….

Was contemplating should I skip this single like I always did with singles but after DAT COVER…. OF COURSE I’M BUYING IT

Get it here~!


Also, Nana’s website has updated their flash images/profile pic~!
1000063_10151545691298196_1055934421_n 7767_10151545691198196_1385429383_n 1044900_10151545691243196_1396394626_n

Ah, Nana, why you so pretty? XD

PS. Speaking of Symphogear G, Nana is doing a duet this time with Hikasa Youko~!!

"Senki Zessho Symphogear (TV Anime)" Character Song Album / Maria x Tsubasa Kazanari  (CV: Yoko Hikasa x Nana Mizuki)
Maria x Tsubasa Kazanari (CV: Yoko Hikasa x Nana Mizuki)

Apparently if you buy all 8 character songs from Symphogear G, all the CD covers can be put together into 1 big picture. Hmm..


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