Live Circus 2013+

As we all know, Nana’s live tour, Live Circus, is going on right now….
And in yesterday’s Osaka Live, she announced…




Here’s the Facebook page for the concert!

Live will be held on November 23rd and 24th, at this place called Legacy Taipei.

So jealous of Taiwan now T^T

To be honest, it isn’t really that surprising that Taiwan will hold her first ever overseas concert.
Record label Golden Typhoon has been collaborating with King Records to sell Taiwanese version of her releases in Taiwan recently. Not only that, they have been gathering and translating fan letters for Nana, and sending it to her for her to read. And Nana have said somewhere before that she wish that her first overseas live would be in Taiwan.

Good Job, Taiwan (Y)

I doubt any record label in Singapore would do that. D= Keep hoping, people!

Once again, congratulations to Nana and Taiwan!


One of the taiwan news reporting about LIVE CIRCUS+  (note: There is a mistake in the report, Nana attended Kouhaku 4 times already, not 3 times as stated in the news)

Main post ends here. Click “Continue reading” for some of our poking around/gossip which really has nothing to do with us really:

This is kinda like a gossip section LOL.

So as previously mentioned, the Taiwan Live will be held at Legacy Taipei.
And… it has a STANDING capacity of ONE thousand…….

Further poking around we found out that Legacy Taipei has also been the concert venue for May’n and KPP.
And, the fans were not impressed. Why?

Apparently, the venue was remodeled from a warehouse, and has lousy environmental conditions and bad sound proofing system, besides being extremely small. 1K standing. Oh dear.
Even Hatsune Miku had a 5K capacity. SHE IS’NT EVEN REAL!

Also, Taiwanese fans are raging at the impossibly small venue, saying that it’s not respecting our dear Nana. Their comments are hilarious.

Rough translations of some:
“Venue change unless you want to see more people outside the concert than inside!!!!”
“Do the organisers really understand the power of Nana?”

Anyways they have started a facebook page, getting people who WILL attend the concert to stand together to request for a venue change.

I will not post the link, and I would like to ask all readers to NOT put “Going” on their event page if you find it, unless you absolutely want to attend the concert. We don’t want to mess up their figures, aye?

Just my opinion, 1k might be just nice for Singapore, but for Taiwan…. Even if it’s to test water.. it’s too small.
A 3k-5k venue would be about right.
Small venue might also mean a strong black market for the tickets. And since it’s standing, it practically erases any form of comfort/personal space some people, especially female fans, would need. Different story if it was 1k SITTING. =/
Good luck for their venue change, I guess?

What do you guys think? =D


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