Vitalization Reviews~!



It has been some time since we did a review (actually we only did one…i think)
It’s nana’s 1st solo single of the year 2013 (not counting Preserved Roses since it is a collabo) and her 29th single alreadyyyy

A little details on the different songs in this single.

-Vitalization is the OP song for Senki Zesshō Symphogear G
Ai no Hoshi is the ED for Space Battleship Yamato 2199 7th movie (nana~)
Dramatic Love is the new ED theme song for Nana’s radio programme M no Sekai



Lyrics: Mizuki Nana / Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden) / Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu, Kikuta Daisuke (Elements Garden)

First heard the Smilegang LQ version on my phone speakers. The special effects added to her voice were like crap (sorry =x) Didn’t like it at all. But after looping for like 2 more times (still the LQ one), I thought maybe I’ll like it after listening to it live. And so I did. Ehime was still okay. But Osaka was crazy!! This song is awesome!!! Especially that special effects part! xD (Which she also liked a lot). This song is so hard yet she sang it perfectly during the concert.
I’m like, Omg my ears are dying cus she is just too good for my ears ;A;
Now that I have access to the HQ one, I love the low beats (What Nana-san described as the DONFUDONFU Yankee Car sound; She made Agematsu-san re-write the song 17 times (Source: 27th July 2013, こむちゃっとカウントダウン) before they manage to get the sound that she wants).


(to be added on later ww)

Love on first listen =D
Most of the time I don’t like it when they add effects to vocals but this time, it felt really, like, GOT FEEL?
It sounded really cool and sexy =D

When i first heard it i was like…. “fast… nana-rashi… her songs are getting more and more complex….”
Definitely not my genre but i really love the first few lines before the broken radio part where her voice is distorted.

「願い聞かせて 僕はここに居るから
惹かれあう音色に 理由なんて要らない
熱き想い天を貫け true song」

Lyrics wise, this song is very powerful and impactful. Nana-san……..・゜(ノェ\ )・゜・。

愛の星(Ai no Hoshi)

Lyrics: Mizuki Nana ・ Yoshiki Eriko / Composition: Yoshiki Eriko  / Arrangement:  Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)

I favor happy songs as compared to ballads. But this one..nan darou.. At first I thought wow, this will be awesome with the full orchestra. The song sounds.. grand..(?) IDK the word.. Avalon is an orchestra song but it’s not as grand as Ai no Hoshi.. Nan darou.. It’s the first time I find a song ‘grand-sounding’ (www warii, my angmoh not good ww). I was surprised by the orchestra arrangement when I first listened to it. But after that I realised that I concentrated more on her voice. It’s like she’s singing beside me. Just singing to me.. kind of feeling. The orchestra became background music which I sometimes subconsciously ignored.

She mentioned on the Nicolive on 29th July 2013, that she wants the song to be sung with her undecorated voice..(?) 「水樹の素に近い声で歌える曲」。She doesn’t want the song to be sung with a lot of emotions, instead she wants it to be like she’s beside you, talking to you.「バラードってどうしても歌い上げたくなるですけど、そうじゃなくて。本当に近くにいる、語り掛けるように」(Not sure whether I translated it properly but that’s the gist ww gomen orz).
Yeah, Mizuki-san, I get your drift.
This song really made me feel this way. I really like her voice in this song.

「どんな明日が来ても君と共に Forever」

(to be added on later ww)

Anyways, well, I felt really calm listening to this, but I was in a situation where I must stay awake so I played Vitalization again.
Nice vocals though, great ups and downs. Should listen again when I have cleared my assignments/later.

i love ballads and am bias towards ballads.
strong vocals, gentle voice and warm feelings. This song is beautiful.
not to mention the strings complement the whole song too well… //orchestra onegaiiiiii *hints hints*
the more i listen to it, the more i feel like crying. ・゜(ノェ\ )・゜・。
her voice seeps in slowly and then penetrates through my heart.

ドラマティックラブ (Dramatic Love)

Lyrics: SAYURI / Composition: KOUTAPAI / Arrangement: Saito Shinya

The intro surprised me ww I thought, huh whut Vitalization? (Cus of the DON FU DON FU ww) xD
The chorus is very catchy, and at the same time nostalgic? idk.. I thought I heard something like that last time. This was the first song I looped after I got my hands on the HQ. (I said that I favor happy songs :D) Really looking forward to the dance! (She did mention that this is a dance number on her blog.) Oh, and I like how she pronounce ‘tighT’ with the light T sound at the end of the word and her ‘dramaTic’ and ‘romanTic’. (Some secret fetish shhh www)

「だからもっともっとギュッと抱きしめて hold me tight」

(to be added on later ww)

I see the title I know it’s kify’s type of song. LOL. Not a strong impression, seemed like a song I would skip on playlist.
But it’s certainly not on the “Not nice” list. It’s on the “Nice” list. =D

this song is tooooooo cute!!! (i love this wayyyy more than lovely fruit //killed)
it is cute in another way different from lovely fruit so both are cute ww
Nana-chan will be so lovable singing this songgggg !! 見たいぃぃぃぃぃぃ~!!!

「I need you love me love me love me」

\(*//ェ//* )\



(to be added on later ww)

Nana-san wants everyone to experience going to her concert with this single. Something like:


quoted Nana-san from こむちゃっとカウントダウン。
(Forgotten the last line but it’s smth like that)

Yep, indeed this single is different from her previous ones (at least for me).
Rank: 愛の星→ Vitalization→ ドラマティックラブ

Vitalization>Ai no Hoshi>Dramatic Love
OOH exact same sequence as the single itself ><
This single felt like the theme/style is jumping everywhere. Or maybe it’s just that Vitalization is too special that it contrasts everything.
Not much more to comment though lol.
Looking forward to the full PV for Vitalization!

One of the very rare times that i actually love nana’s b-sides so much more than her a-side.
Or maybe i’m just so deprived of ballads from nana that’s why…
I do love most of nana’s b-sides but i think this is one of the rare times where i actually want a PV for Ai no Hoshi.
Nana can just stand/sit/walk slowly in the PV and let me enjoy her face voice. i don’t need a storyline. (´•ェ•`  )
My ranking will obviously be:
Ai no Hoshi > Dramatic Love > Vitalization


For now, the ranking is Ai no Hoshi > Vitalization > Dramatic Love (w/o gekkie’s ranking)
This single is pleasantly good in it’s overall balance with a fast song, a slow song and a happy song.
The tunes are relatively catchy imo,
so people may want to consider getting this single for its B-sides even if its A-side does not appeal to you ^^


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  • zixian1992

    Ah, the 1st comment on Vitalization made me feel like my trip to the Osaka concert was wasted… Didn’t listen to the song beforehand so when she sang Vitalization, I was like ” what’s this song?”. Plus, like Synchrogazer, it didn’t make an impact on me the first time. Thus, I was just listening and couldn’t even remember how it sounded like during the live T.T Maybe I’ll get the DVD to listen to it again, lols.

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