We are not dead!!!!!!

See, about last week all school responsibilities ended and instead of posting news I spent the  week dating with my laptop. Together we surfed the internet and watched lots of animes together……

Haha. And as the title says, this post is here to show that we are not dead. We just need to stop being lazy. I wanted to post Vitalization PV pics but because it was a nice PV and nothing much for me to poke fun at (unlike the fun I had with Preserved Roses). VITALIZATION PV SAIKOU!

Of course, I do not plan to end this post with a monologue from me, so here are some “news”.

1.Posted on Facebook Group, Nana and TMR are doing collab again for VVV2. (as expected) This time, King is producing it, and instead of TMRxNANA we have NANAxTMR. Also, the title came out a few days ago. Titled “革命デュアリズム” (Kakumei Dualism), it will be released in a similar way as Preserved roses. 3 Editions, yeah you get it. And it will be released 23rd October 2013. (THAT’S 2 MONTHS AWAY D;)

*By the way, VVV season 2 is coming in Autumn, which is the season after this.

2. Tickets for the Taiwan Live sold out within 5 mins it was up for sale. After that black market tickets came along (almost immediately apparently) and sold as much as over 4.5x more than the original price. (It went up Taiwan news again. hehh)

3. Nana holding Nana Fest 2. I’m not very informed about this because I was practically out of contact with Nana stuff over the past 1 week. (or more, if you count the school crunch time)

4. Symphogear G Character song CV. Nana came out. 2nd song is the enka that appeared in Symphogear season 1.  Do check it out here.

This is all I can think of on the spot. =P

PS. I do not know when will we stop being lazy. If only the other admins will update the site as regularly as they do on FB.  >:


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