LV よっしゃ行くぞ!

To everyone who is going for Nana Mizuki Live Circus 2013+ Live Viewing,

We are going to be part of the live viewing project initiated by a HK fan, Heichan 😀

original message

original message

On November 24, Live Circus+ will be screened live in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand’s cinemas. To commemorate this achievement, we will be collaborating with Singapore and Thailand fans for this project. (And Indonesia fans)

And so the plan is…

We would like to have all of you who are going for the live viewing to hang around before and after the live viewing for some photo taking session. We might take some photos inside the cinema depending on circumstances and permission from Shaw.

A group photo, individual shots, a few people together, yup anything!
If possible, please wear Nana tees.
If not, anything blue or Nana-related!

We also welcome you to bring along some nana goods (not a lot because it’ll be heavy)
e.g: Shin Ai autobiography, AFA Nana-autographed poster, pins etc

Afterwards, we will send all these photos to heichan for compilation and it will be made into an album.
It will be brought to Japan to be given to Nana \o/

Show us your support by participating in this project and let’s make it a success!
Heichan took up the responsibility of doing a lot of work so let’s help her with it on our side \(^▽^)/

There are still seats available so get your tickets ASAP!!!

Link to buy the tickets:

P.S: we will be wearing a “RGG CREW” tag for all of you to identify us easily.



please do NOT leave immediately after the live viewing!!!! m(_ _)m

PPS (shkify): Due to time constrain, we might only be able to take a group photo with the people in Hall 4. We will try to plant some spies in Hall 5 for the photo taking, OR, you guys can take photos of yourselves and mail us the pictures @!! We look forward to your photos! Let’s make this a success!


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