Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, mainly our RGG members!!!


Nana mentioned us on 2 radio programmes!!!!!
So if you have been following her radio programmes, you should have heard it.
But if you have not, FEAR NOT, LINKS ARE HERE (oi



水樹奈々のMの世界 #224 (2013,11,16)





you can start from around 4.05(youtube)/5.50(nico) if you want just want to hear the part that i’m gonna mention in this post.
(no, i’m not gonna translate word for word because my ability is extremely limited on my own w

I apologise for all the mistakes that i am going to make in advance and will edit accordingly when people point it out to me w

So in this episode we have…. マーーライオンの世界 w

  • she went to Singapore and it was a lovely place and went on to talk about meeting our MAAAALION ww
  • Even though it is November, it was around 30 degrees celsius. (Me: oh nana, the month doesn’t matter. we are hot all year round. 
  • she ate indian curry here
  • we have a variety of mixed culture in this small country
  • she was here on a very tight schedule so it was impossible to see everything
  • but she met the water spitting merlion, the chibi merlion and ZA MERLION in Sentosa


  • She was here for AFA’s Valvrave Night on the 3rd day of the event! \o/
  • (maa-san start to flood the studio w)
  • AFA is her first overseas event, she was very nervous
  • Even though she has learnt English for awhile in the past, she didn’t use it during AFA
  • There was a sign event(autograph session), everyone used Japanese to communicate with her. She was super happy (oi ww
  • She feels that Japanese is a very difficult language, unless you have a passion for it, it is quite difficult to master it.
  • She is moved by everyone’s effort
  • Everyone is very open in showing their love, different from Japanese who is usually shy and reserved.
  • She had fun and a lot of people wore Live T-shirt to meet her~ ≖‿≖
  • During the live, everyone was singing in japanese (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
  • the lyrics that Hibiki-san and herself wrote is not commonly used in everyday’s life
  • even though it was difficult, everyone managed to memorise it properly!
  • she felt that as she was appearing during the encore part of the live, she has to properly give it her all
  • she was very nervous in different aspects, it was her first overseas event afterall
  • however when she was on stage, she was unexpectedly feeling relaxed
  • she enjoyed singing all the 3 songs
  • でも、私、ゼロ英語でした。本当にごめんなさい!!!(AHHHH KAWAII  o(≧▽≦)o
  • she apologised for not using English because she knows it will definitely turn out weird (OH NANA, WE WANT TO HEAR IT WEIRD 
  • she will properly learn English and use it the next time (NEXT TIME PLEASE
  • she thank us for the enjoyable experience
  • she ate a lot of food ww
  • maa-san starts to flood the studio once again w

highlight of this portion: でも、私、ゼロ英語でした。本当にごめんなさい!!!
it was super cute awwww XD

Next up…our big sense of achievement.

YATTA!!!!! すごく嬉しい!!!!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第607回





you can start around 2.47(youtube)/3.10(nico) for the segment シンガポール! だなう~

  • same thing, she was here for her first overseas event – AFA
  • super tight schedule
  • she had rehearsal in the morning (WE HEARD IT ! when we were queuing for the stage
  • stage greeting, sign event, press interview etc etc
  • so when she arrived in Singapore, there was a lot of people waiting for her (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (she used “たくさん” but there was actually only about 20 odd people there, her flight details were not disclosed afterall)
  • they were holding onto something like placard and so she thought it would be like “Mizuki”, “Irasshai!” written on it
  • in reality….when she looked carefully, the words on the placards weren’t “NANA MIZUKI” but “ZUKINA” (KITA w
  • she then explained the origin of her nickname “ZUKKINA” to Misato
  • Nishikawa-san gave her that nickname and the word “Zukkina” was only mentioned twice on another radio program and nico douga yet it has already travelled to Singapore
  • she felt very touched that everyone actually searched information about her, especially since “zukkina” was only mentioned twice
  • They made a message book for her and passed it to her personally at the airport (KITA .・゜゜・(ノД`)・゜゜・.
  • she read through it carefully and thoroughly
  • they also included their favourite lyrics inside the book
  • and some messages were like they cried when they heard that she is coming for AFA ヽ(´□`。)ノ
  • she is very happy with our burning passionate messages
  • The next day, there was a sign event
  • there was a huge crowd formed just to see her even though they didn’t get the poster
  • there was also cosplay of the characters that she worked on before (eg. FATEEEE
  • and everyone used Japanese to talk to her
  • both Misato and herself felt that Japanese is a relatively difficult language
  • but fans still said things like 「今日の夜のライブ頑張ってください」、「台湾のライブ行きます」
  • then during the live, at the front row, someone held onto a uchiwa with “水樹奈々” written on it
  • she was very happy and then when the uchiwa flipped, there was ”近藤さん” written on it (ww
  • the uchiwa kept flipping front and back
  • beside, there was Nishikawa-san’s fan who held another uchiwa with “短パン” written on it ww
  • so there was 3 uchiwas, Mizuki NanaxT.M.Revolution. when they flip, it became 短パンx近藤さん (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH //edited. thank you fan(unknown) for commenting! 
  • she had a good laugh ww
  • during the live, everyone was singing along
  • it felt like a duet with everybody!
  • it was a great live!!


The placards that made it to smilegang!! ・(/Д`)・
As mentioned in the full encounter post, we hid the “Mi” and the “Na”(without the hat), holding up only ZUKINA to wait for her reaction.

Everyone was soooooo happy and high (at the wrong time) after listening to this episode of smilegang TTATT

Making me cry in the middle of the night (´;Д;`)

Lastly, I would like to thank all the admins/organisers who have worked REALLLLLY super hard for this.
DarkHoliness and shkify for their blood and sweat in translating ALL the messages.
Gekkie for the art work and coordination for the project.
Of course, I did some work too xD



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