Rojak post – Quick updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, laziness and procrastination at their best. |ω・)ノ

It’ll be a super messy post comprising of the news and different TV appearances.
I will try to make it short so everything will be extremely brief~ (*´▽`*)

Summary at a glance:

  • Nana Clip 6 First day ranking! + Week LOL
  • Symphogear season 3 has been confirmed! (Nana for OP again? ww)
  • Inazuma Rock Festival
  • Animelo Summer Live 2013
  • FNS 2013
  • MTV I Love Idols!

Nana Clip 6

おめでとう!(/^-^(^ ^*)/
おめでとう!(/^-^(^ ^*)/

BD category at 2nd place and DVD category at 4th place! \(^▽^)/



blue white costumeeeee
Sugita ww (pic from Inoue Kikuko-san’s official site)

Symphogear Event Live 2013 will be released in BD!
Season 3 has also been confirmed.
Honestly, season 2’s ending is like…wrapped up and now we have season 3…. (ok…
So more Hibiki Tsubasa and more Nana songs lol

TsubasaxMaria !!
Tsubasa x Maria !!

Looking forward to Nana x Yoko’s collabo !! o(≧∇≦o)

Inazuma Rock Festival 2013


ATSUI! very intense performance !! ❤
i love nana’s hair here ww and she looks so pretty in that yellow shirt ;A;

"ahh..gomenasai" ;A;
“ahh..gomenasai” ;A;
"eh?! "

penlights were forbidden during the live but when nana came out, people started to swing their penlights (srsly ppl…
TMR mentioned about it but said it was ok since nana is here ww she’s a guest afterall XD (no i don’t get the joke im sorry TTATT

MICRO KITA LOL you have to disturb my time with mizuki-san?
so…do you have to disturb my time with mizuki-san?

KD was nice and LAKERSSSS (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

it looks like it is a joke for every year XD

eye contact~~
eye contact~~

i love how they looked at each other when they are singing ww

\when i say inazuma you say rock!/ \INAZUMA!/ \ROCK!/ \INAZUMA!!/ \ROCK!!/

Animelo Summer Live 2013



mamoru ? w
/mamoru/ mono ga arimasuka ? w

Orpheus was … low. w
then Scarlet Knight Nana was overpowering lol


haahha nana…you are still one head shorter than mamo even with your heels ww //runs

*wave waveeee*
*wave waveeee*

sasuga nana ww
and her hair during Synchrogazer (¬‿¬)


lastly… theme song!


YUKANANA ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

KAWAII 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。


side note: besides nana, do look out for mamotroll ww

FNS 2013


Last year’s banana joke resurfaced ww
so…baNANA ? ww

カナナナ w
カナナナ w

KANANANA – Always <— (¬‿¬)
ahhh pink dress D: kawaii….but that hairstyle….
not sure if the coordinator has smth against nana or what…
really like their collabo even if those fans dislikes it (¬_¬)


TMRxNana – White Breath
SO MUCH BETTER ! her ponytail…. (´∀`)♡

MTV I Love Idols!

this segment’s host interviewed Nana on the second day of the live (24th)
It is in mandarin so i can translate it so with more confidence //cries

basically Ken(host) hasn’t met Nana before that but he knew that Nana is a very lively bubbly person.
After meeting her, he finally witnessed Nana’s prowess ww
She is super high and is contantly on high tension XD

Interview(just part of it which i find it quite cute xD):


Ken: Please introduce yourself!
Nana: Hello Everyone! I am Mizuki Nana! (in mandarin)

Q: Is this your first time in Taiwan? How is Taiwan?
Nana: Yup! It is my first time here. It is a wonderful place ^^!!
Previously, I did dubbing for Taiwan’s drama series Itazura na Kiss, so i kind of knew the atmosphere in Taiwan through the series.
However, being here in person, it is very vibrant. It is a nice city.

bubble tea + steam dumplings
bubble tea + steamed dumplings

Q: There are a lot of delicious food here, have you tried any?
Nana: yea! i ate xiao long bao yesterday and tapioca milk tea (aka bubble tea)

her tension goes up up whenever she gets to eat XD
her tension goes up up whenever she gets to eat XD

Q: What is your character like in private?
Nana: ehh… Someone who likes to eat XD As Taiwan has a lot of good food, i am worried that i will put on weight ^^;;)
Ken: ahahaha be careful XD
Nana: Basically i am a very straightforward person, someone who is easy to understand, simple-minded maybe ww
Optimistic and active person. Even during days off, i would want to go out to play. Even if i only have 1 day off, i would also go travelling.
Ken: ohh… but for now there’s not much time for travelling right?
Nana: yea… but since it is only a 3hr+ flight from japan to taiwan…i might be able to pop by for a short trip XD

Ken: I feel that Taiwan can find Mizuki Nana to be a Taiwan Ambassador. She feels that if she has 3 days, she can explore Taiwan (taipei ww) fully

end of long review…. not sure if i want to do the next review OTZ


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