it has been a busy period… (and also lazy shhh)  for all of us… so we hadnt been able to update the blog here regularly..すみません. but we have been updating our fb grp! 

and so, after a long absence, its near the new release of Nana’s album, SUPERNAL LIBERTY! 万歳!x3 

and the stores are slowly starting to release the tokutens details!

Lets begin with 

Tower Records who just release the photo of the clear file




Tokuten List as follows:

・ゲーマーズ:B2ポスター2枚&オフィシャルブロマイド2枚セット ※通常盤は対象外

gamers: B2 poster x2 & official bromide x2

・とらのあな:A3タペストリー&ブロマイド ※通常盤は対象外

toranoana: A3 tapestry & bromide

wondergoo: bromide folder & bromide

Tower Records: Clear file
・ソフマップ:オリジナルマウスパッド ※通常盤は対象外

Sofmap: original mousepad


yamano: Clear file

Tsutaya: post card

Shinseido: Post card 
・アニメイト:ブロマイド2種&ダブルポケットクリアファイル ※通常盤は対象外 

animate: bromide x2 & double pocket clear file

HMV: A3 poster 

Circle K: original memo pad

JBOOK: clear file


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