Today is the official release date for SUPERNAL LIBERTY

So as the title says it all, SL TOPPED ORICON DAILY ALBUM CHART! 

\万歳/\万歳/\万歳/!!!☆*:.。.((( o(≧▽≦)o ))) .。.:*☆



SUPERNAL LIBERTY sold 35, 136 copies on the first day. There’s a slight decrease as compared to Rockbound Neighbors which sold 36, 779 copies on its first day.
Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good sales for Nana ^^
Hopefully SL will surpass RB’s first week sales of 96, 661 copies !

i guess SL’s position should be quite safe since it looks like there’s no strong competitors for this week

Another album to reach first in oricon weekly album chart since Ultimate Diamond? ww

On a side note, which song is your favourite out of the 15 songs in the album? ( ・ ▽ ・ )ノ


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10 responses to “ORICON DAILY ALBUM FIRST!!!

  • klluvanime

    I love Appassionato. The hard pop genre matches very well with Nana’s voice and the pv had a mysterious vibe to it.

  • gunsmithcat

    The second day sales are significantly worse than Rockbound Neighbours, with a drop of almost excactly 6000 copies less for the same day or nearly 1/3 less sales. With the weak competition its a #1 for sure, but still. I hope this doesn’t become the start of a trend. Maybe its the lack of singles on it, and the lack of tie-ins to popular animes and games. And i have to say, the Appassionato song is hard to get into, and rather messy and the PV is also a lot lesser interesting than the Lovely Fruit, Kakumei Dualism or Preserved Roses PVs. I like the owl, but anything else is more a Greatest Hits of Nana PVs, with many familiar elements and simply lacks a certain distinctiveness, that for example, Kakumei Dualism had.

    • xiaobear

      Yes, and sadly the third day’s sale as well…
      It sounds good , “first on oricon album weekly chart!” but we all feel for the sales number…
      Personally, i quite like this album as it contain a lot of new songs with new styles explored. Like you’ve said, the lack of tie-ins might be one of the affecting factors.
      Appassionato isn’t exactly my genre (i’m more of a ballad person) and the first impression i had was “overwhelming”. but i’m very impressed with the band like wow. As for the PV, the only thing i cannot accept is the font. like it looks so cheap on it.. they could have used a better font…

  • gunsmithcat

    Yes, it dropped about 3300 copies once again. Its now the third Nana release that sold less than its predecessor, Kakumei Dualism to Preserved Roses, Vitalization to Bright Stream and now this. I hope these are just anomalies and accidents for various reasons but only future releases will tell. Due to those handshake lottery tickets, i thought the sale would at least generate 200 000 units in the first week, but i couldn’t have been more off. Apperantly it does work differently here than for AKB48 and cohorts.

    Overwhelming and messy are terms that i read often to describe this song. I honestly don’t think it is wise to have a song at the forefront of a release that puzzles even her die-hard fanbase. I wonder if this was an attempt of Nana to shake her cute image as a songwriter. Most of her songs are either romantic, or optimistic in terms of sound and lyrics, but Appassionato is neither, at least not in the sound department. I recall that Nana said in 2011 that she want to be regarded as an adult woman, and not so much as a kid anymore. Maybe Appassionato is an expression of that desire.

    What the PV is really lacking IMO, is the sort of story that Nanas PVs almost always had. With Lovely Fruit and Kakumei Dualism i could follow the story, or message, even though i don’t understand japanese, but what is the Appassionato PV about? Its essentially a pretty woman with a band in a room, and some dancer but its not exactly food for thought like many of her old PVs were, especially the last few. Perhaps its somewhere hidden, but without lyrics, i’m at a loss and i still don’t know what the song is about, haha. .

    • xiaobear

      Well there are bound to be some ups and downs. I have faith in Nana! I never really thought that the handshake lottery tickets would make much a difference to her sales but i never expect it to fall that much either…

      You can refer to gekkie’s post about Appassionato’s PV

  • Sam

    I have really mixed feelings about this album, the theme was Future and Retro(if i remember correctly >.<)? In all honesty, when i look at the album and i can't feel but the inconsistency of the songs and the whole outlook of the album.Look at the Album of the cover for example,and the photography booklet, and look at the song Appassionato , i just don't think they don't mix very well. Of course, it's very normal to have different type of genre's into one album. And i enjoy the fact that she's exploring different things like that metal/rock feel. And just as gunsmithcat says, i agree that there was a lack of story in the PV. Nonetheless i still think it's an amazing song. I 100% also agree that there was a lack of anime/game song tie-in's to the album. As far as i can see, there was very few of them. Which could be one of the reasons why.
    She said herself that the album also had the theme of freedom, hence the title of the album, which might be the case for so many different themes and genre's appearing in the album.
    Please don't hate me but that's just how i feel about the album, i just think that it was a little bit all over the place. HOWEVER, i absolutely still love her vocals nonetheless :)!
    Time to answer the question 🙂
    My favourite song was Antique Natchtmusik. I absolutely love her lower range when she sings, it has a very mysterious feel to it and i absolutely love it 🙂 Coming in second for me would be Ai no hoshi, it's just a song i can listen to sleep 🙂

    • Gekkie (⌒▽⌒)☆

      I have to agree that the pv for appassionato seems messy at first (esp since this is a metal genre that she doesnt usually touch), and it didnt follow the storytelling style that her pvs usually would have. however, this time, the pv focus more on the theme that the lyrics have which is having real freedom; being born into world but losing ourselves along the way. it firstly shows the dancer being trapped inside the cage, which is like a bird(owl in this case) being kept in a cage. it struggles to get itself out,breaking into freedom but it could not due to all the restrictions that is happening. they chose a white owl, which i presume, as white often means purity, which signifies the pure self when we are born into this world, knowing nothing about the cruelty of this world, contrast with nana’s black outfit. And at last, she manages to break through all those restrictions, when she raises her hand like how the owl flaps its wings and all the lightbulbs (which are also trapped in the cage) breaks, it shows that she broke through and attain the real freedom within the society like she hoped to.

      ^this is the conclusion that i read from some interviews and my own interpretation of the pv 😄

      regarding the theme, it might not be very evident in the booklet shots, but if u notice the cover carefully, her costume is considered “future” since there are new “plasticky” ,transparent, colour stuff as opposed to the carousel, which is considered old/the past… from her songs, u can tell with the new genre of songs that she is exploring (for e.g. vitalization,ffp, guilty) , this is where the future theme comes in. however there are also songs that are similar to her songs in the past (e.g. bokura no mirai,aishuu twilight).

      • gunsmithcat

        Thanks for the explanation. But its like a bad joke, if it has to be explained, it can’t be that great to begin with. I watched some documentary today, and the PV was just as low cost made as it looks. Was the record label really behind this release, or where they just milking her current popularity?

  • Sam

    I guess that’s one way to look at it :o, i’ll have to go back and watch the PV again with that in mind 🙂 i haven’t really looked into the lyrics myself, My japanese isn’t strong enough to completely understand the song, so i’ll have to wait for a english translation >.< Thanks so much for the insight about the PV 😀

    I see i see, that makes sense 😮 never really thought about it that way. That picture of her black in the Japanese style room seems to make a lot of sense now 🙂 (Not i just feel really stupid for not catching that (u//n//u)

    definitely looking at it a bit differently now 🙂 Thanks Gekkie 😀

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