World Music Awards

Thanks to heads up from our reader Anchan and Hajo Schulze on our Facebook group!

Nana has been nominated for the “Word Music Awards” in 5 categories – World’s Best Song for Kakuei Dualism, World’s Best Album for Supernal Liberty, World’s Best Female Artist, World’s Best Live Act and World’s Best Entertainer.

(Did this happen while I was asleep?!)

Anyways I checked out the website and WOW THE COMPETITION. Big names from all around the globe!

Here are the links. (Clicking them will lead you straight  to the voting page for Nana, saving you the hassle of filtering through the long list of nominations. Feel free to look at other nominations too though.)

World Best Female Artist

World Best Entertainer of the Year

World Best Live Act

World Best Album

World Best Song

Wish Nana all the best! XD


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