Just a little updates

Its announced today that AIR 07 & 08 at Yamaguchi and  Tottori will be cancelled too due to Nana’s current condition. from the blog posts she wrote these few days, it seems that Nana is slowly recovering, and is able to speak a little now. ^^  (ちょっと安心しました)

Personally (and probably to most fans), its sad having to cancel the concert but Nana’s health is definitely the most important. 悔しけど、lets 全力全開 and welcome her on stage when she recovers with all our smiles!!!!

On a side note,
Amuse and the Live+ fb page posted this on 20th june.

Alright~ Nana fans

Here it comes
Ticket on sale date, time and information will be out very soon~!!!

Keep your eyes open!
and stay tune~~

I think that the information may be scheduled to be released on last sat/sun but it must be delayed due to nana’s current condition. Lets wait for a little while more and hope for Nana to have a speedy recovery.


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