Advertisement Boards Part 2

Time for filler post part 2~ Yay~~

I mentioned on the previous post that I’d try looking for those on Iidabashi (Chuo Sobu), Ichigaya (Chuo Sobu), Shinanomachi (Chuo Sobu), Yoyogi (Yamanote) and Shinjuku (Chuo)…


TADA~! When I reached Iidabashi, 2 boards were getting new ads (both for coffee) while the third one was in the middle of getting torn down… I thought that the third one would be for Kindan no Resistance so I stayed there for about 15 minutes before the picture above happened. XD






The crazy things I do as a Nana fan…. I was really hungry, because I overslept and skipped breakfast and haven’t had lunch and whatnot yet I decided to continue watching those guys working on the board…


Sorry for vertical photos…. I was trying to take the photos discretely…



AND ITS DONE~!!! I ended up staying in Iidabashi Station for a good 30 minutes… XD

Moving on! I did attempt Ichigaya and Shinanomachi but I guess they are not up yet….

I went over to the Yamanote Line side (was on Chuo Sobu) but I don’t see any boards…. I must have been doing it wrong….
Well anyways I gave up since the next Yamanote train came, and I boarded it cos it was going to Shinjuku anyways….

Remember how I was worried that I will get lost in Shinjuku station? Well….. because I took the Yamanote line, it’s on platform 15 and the board is located at 16 which is just across the platform and I found it almost immediately!!


I found it so fast it was almost disappointing……………..




…………………..Which was what I thought before I almost got lost trying to find the platform back to Chuo Line towards Nakano……

Well~ That’s it for today~!

Remember to buy Kindan no Resistance when it comes out!!

The next time I can attempt Ichigaya etc would be next tuesday. I’d try those locations again then XD
Oh and I attempted Mitaka again. Still can’t find it…. AANNDDDD there is still an empty board….. :<

OMAKE: Just when I was about to go find the Chuo Line on Shinjuku this train came in. LINE! Not sure why I wanted to take a photo though. XD
There were too many people around so I just quickly snapped one picture and went off…. LOL.


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2 responses to “Advertisement Boards Part 2

  • Kaze

    wow grats on finding the one in Shinjuku. Last time I went Nana ad hunting there, I got lost and decided never again. Also nice timing with the Iidabashi one 😮 I’ll be touring Yamanote this weekend so maybe I can find Yoyogi @_@

    • DarkHoliness

      Haha thanks!

      I was so worried at Iidabashi that the third one would be another coffee ad and my wait would be for naught….

      There is quite a few boards on the Yamanote, I was contemplating if I should tour Yamanote as well since it goes on a loop and it would not cost money as long as I don’t tap out my Suica….

      But I was hungry. XD

      Good luck on your Yamanote tour!

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