First off, sorry for the massive lack of updates on this blog. we have been busy with alot of stuffs (//runs)

行ってきます!〜 超晴れ天気w reaching RWS theatre~

Goods queue

Many people were quite early for the goods queue, even though it starts at 1pm. By the time i reached at ard 9am,there was already quite a big group of people queuing at the entrance. It was quite disorganized, unlike japan where we see the queue lines being set up properly already. (according to them (RWS staffs (?) didnt expect such long queues early in the morning) They finally started the arrange people when its 11am+

after the queue line has been set up (cr:shkify)

the overflowing queue ww (cr:shkify)


Goods successfully bought! \o\

SG limited items. that nanetto pin too kawaii

SG limited items. that nanetto pin too kawaii ❤

Before the live, there are quite a number of nana cosplays~ and heres our cosplayer friends from japan~ ^w^


Castle’s usagi + the gothic costume from the magazine! \o\


4.Silent Bible
6.Fun Fun★People
11.still in the groove
17.Rock you baby!

Disclaimer before i begin, i didn’t take any notes hence all the content of the MCs may be jumbled or slightly inaccurate. tried my best to remember and double check but there might still be some mistakes and things left out~ If u can remember, please do leave your part in the comments below~ ^^  all photos below credits to Kamiiisaka Hajime. 


House lights were dimmed. Cherry boys entered the stage. A roar of familiar cheers that I could usually only see and hear from BDs, I can’t believe that I was part of it that day. Preparing my blue penlights and… ライブが始まるぞおおおお!!

Opening video~~

Nana flying in the airplane wearing those cute goggles on her head. Nana is wearing the same white pilot costume as her first outfit and there is a cute little girl portraying as young nana.

Location: Singapore

TAKE OFF! (Actually I couldn’t remember much about this part ww gomenasai)

PILOT COSTUME だいしゅき━・:*(〃・ω・〃人)*:・━!!

costume 1 : PILOT COSTUME だいしゅき━・:*(〃・ω・〃人)*:・━!!


Intro of virgin code is part of the latter half of the opening video, totally love how the video is in sync with the intro ❤ Team yoda appeared too in Flight tshirt. and……  SHINING GATE!!!!!!

There she is. At the center stage. She appeared with a super bright smile on the raised platform upstage. Even though i said upstage, the distance is still so near. I really cannot believe my eyes. Unlike last year’s AFA where i was seated quite at the back (row m?), this time round, I was at row E center. Those smiles that i kept seeing on BD, i could finally see it at such a close distance. Tears was already welling up in my eyes. I still couldnt believe that i am finally attending a nana live. Obviously, i was already jumping like crazy. ~GET, VIRGIN COOODDEEE!!!!!!!!~ In the studio version, i particularly like the tone she used for ending the last line “my dearest”..to think that i could hear that kind of quality live… yappari nana sama daー (泣) i was so excited that i didnt even hear her IKUZE SINGAPOREEEEE (nana san gomen ><)


Without letting us to catch a breath, the next song started. 「お願〜い、聞かせて〜僕はここにいるから〜」 聞きますよ!奈々ちゃん!!!!I totally didnt expect it to appear so early as the second song. Another super atsui song \o\  had lots of fun shouting the START IT UP! The live transition for the vocal changes were awesome too. Vitalization has super fast beats and ever changing notes (i dont know much about music,dont kill me if i am wrong www) but she nailed everything. THE MAIN POINT IS SHE WALK FORWARD. SHE WALK FORWARD DIRECTLY TO US,NEAR THE EDGE OF THE STAGE. IT IS SUPERRRRR NEAR. YES, i cried. I cried while jumping,smiling and shouting.. i dont know how. It was just so surreal.ww


Immediately after that, THAT INTRO PLAYED. OH MY GOODNESS ITSSS ZANNKOOOOUU NO GAIAAAAAAA. i knew that it was either next arcadia or this, i wanted next arcadia badly too but this is awesome too. I NEED MY ORANGE LIGHT.w I shouted the D.N.A ga SHOUTING! and the YEAAHHHH! with all my might even though this was only the third song. Hybrid universe is definitely one of the albums i like most, and obviously Zankou too. The smile that nana had on her face was so mesmerising. (´∀`)♡ 神話になるような、恋をしないか〜 明日を空をずっと!/jumps jumps




She started greeting us in english. HOMG HOW CUTE WAS THAT. /faints. i expected the MINNA SAN KONBANWA!!! (wanted to KONBANWAAAAAAA back to her too) but she didnt say it ww

Hi~~ Good evening everyone~ I am Nana Mizuki!~~ Thank you all for coming tonight, to Live Flight 2014+!~ I am sooooo excited to have my first live in Singapore~~ 😀 Are you excited too? Thank you!!! I am so happy~ ❤ 

I could understand every line she said, she must have practiced so hard for this XD (cant wait to see the makings) You can see that she is actually nervous while speaking in english, those little actions were so cute(*´▽`*) and then she continued with  ここからは日本語ですwwwww   可愛すぎるよ奈々ちゃん!! Her english was so cute, but somehow i was happy to hear her speaking in japanese again. She mentioned that she is the first japanese to hold any event here in RWS theatre! 奈々ちゃんおめでとうううう!!!

She was very touched that even though it was very late already (she arrive at late 11pm on friday) there were still many people welcoming her at the airport. This year someone shouted kondou san again ww she didnt expect us to know that too (we know alot of things that u dont know we know yo~) Last year, when she came for AFA, she was only here for around 30hours including the plane flight. She is very happy that she was able to stay a little longer this time in singapore /o/  Staff showed her The Straits Times,the title was apparently she loves to eat chili crab! She said that even she said she love chili crab, due to her late arrival time, she didnt have time to eat it yet. She shouted STAFF SAN ONEGAI! after that. She also mentioned that her lunch was bento from ootoya, but she manage to have bee hoon for breakfast and she likes it! ;D

Did i mention how pretty she look in that pilot costume? White really suits her alot, and that captain jacket was so intricately made. That googles that she was wearing looks so cute too XD RetroXfuture?(just like the theme of SUPERNAL LIBERTY)

04.Silent Bible

After MC1, lights were dimmed and another intro started playing. I was wondering what song it was and なんとっ!SILENT BIBLE キタ━━━━(°Д°)━━━━!!!! i was not totally not expecting to hear this song as this song wasnt in the japan setlist. To be able to hear this song live, すごく感動 ;A; It has been such a long time since she sang this too. It was the first song that i made out the lyrics on my own and memorised them, hence i have special feelings for this song ww


Calm before the storm huh…? That few notes of the piano intro. its THAT song. ETABURE DAAAA! finally i have the chance to crack my UO at a real live ;A; Even though this song has been sung at almost every live (expect Fighter blue and queen’s night?) , this is still the first time for me to hear it live. The very important song that allowed her to meet many people and also allowed me to meet nana. そう、きっとここから始まる。

-Cheribo Wings-

Costume change time! and its also Cherry Boys showcase time! (cherrybo wings)

The video was so cute ww the song as usual is fun too! \ready go!/ Mc part… ryutan is trolling everyone ww Asked shuuchan (?) to speak in english about singapore but got stopped while he was “eerrr ahhh etoo- ing” and tomu kun actually danced!! (box steps?w) so cute  www ryutan did his breakdancing 😀 sasuga ryutan who also turned 50 this year~ 信じられないでしょう~

Ryutan ended with : We will protect Singapore


And the LAYERED CAKE DRESS キタ━━━ヽ(*´□`)ノ゙━━━ァ!! I like the colour combinations for this dress. and those frills~~ ❤ knee length dress~ (thoselegsaresostraightandwhite)



(*//////////////ー//////////////*)ボッ06.Fun Fun★People

With this dress, up next is of course Fun Fun★People! \o\ Had so much fun in this song :DDD For this song, she walked to the both end of the stage doing all those =massivenosebleed= actions and expressions. Those lucky fans at the side (dakara, restricted view is nv considered restricted in a nana live) how many winks and yays did you receive from nana?www I love how fun nana is having when she is singing this song. The difficulty of this song is that it has alot of repeating parts and i love hearing and seeing all the different ways she used to sing this song. definitely different from the cd but definitely more fun~  ライブ最高!


my babeh~ dontyouknowwhatiwanttonight~

p.s. she sang wrongly in one sentence…shine shine keep on yes? (cant really rmb ww) but it was really unnoticeable


WOOHOOOO!! that intro!!! i was still talking about Dramatic love with another fan during the goods queue, saying how cute that dance was during Nana festa. And this song actually appeared tonight!!! YAYYY~~~ She returns to center stage for the dance with team yoda.

“i need you love me love me 世界踊るような BIG LOVE~” 大好きですよ〜 This song is very fun live too~ fufu~ fufu~


She started by asking aniki cos they uploaded some 楽しそうな写真. Cherry boys arrived earlier in singapore(ryutan, aniki and yabu san arrived on thurs while the remainding members and team yoda arrive on fri afternoon) Nana said that she heard that Aniki took some photos together when they arrived at the airport and went to bug him about who he took the photo with www



(koko da yo www i should have brought in my signed board ww)

after hearing that nana went ahh~いいなー私も欲しい〜〜(oi nana san ww  [we want to take photo with u too www]

After that she went to asked ryutan what they did since they arrived earlier. Ryutan mentioned about going to onsen. everyone went ehhhhhh? i seriously didnt know that singapore had onsen too ww After that, he mentioned about the ride he took at sentosa. They went for a luge ride and the segway ride~ Nana also mentioned that they(ryutan,aniki, probably yabu san too?) went to the infinity pool and commented ”私も行きたいよー!”

After that, nana mentioned that itaruvich, is missing from the cherribo team today as he had conflicting schedules. He send a message to nana with a really cold joke title iyo, iyo. Since nana’s hometown, Ehime was call iyo(伊予) and iyo iyo if written as いよ、いよhas the rough meaning of finally, its happening. For the main message, the pun on singapore, please refer to the jpopasia article(gomenasai) After saying that joke, she find it very cold too herself www

She introduced Setsuna Capacity in english (yay english again ww she spoke alot of english throughout the concert this time as compared to speaking chinese last year) Please listen to my cute?? song in the album~ Setsuna Capacity (iirc,someone please correct me if i am wrong)


I was surprised that Setsuna Capacity got moved up so much here since it used to be the encore song. This means we might have an surprise later? the waving for this song was so messy wwww A mid tempo song to pick up the pace of the live again~


AND NANTTOU!! FATE IS NEXT!!!! Ballad song kita! The moment i heard the first phrase from the cd, i fell in love with this song. the Aside from the pop/epic style of singing, i like this otona,calming onee san style of singing too. The voice that will make my heart squirm a little whenever i hear it. The melody for this was simple, I was just drowning in her clear vocals during that 4mins. and that last hoo–hoooo– =melts=

Nana left the stage to change while cherry boys took over to play an extended ending of FATE. yappa sugee na…

Team Yoda introduction time!!! /o/ that cute nana voice shouting their names during the introduction ^^ Nana mentioned that its team yoda’s first live overseas. Omedetou!~~When they appeared in that certain CA uniform, my mind went “やべーやべー” and obviously, the next song is…


キタ─ ̄─_─ ̄─(;゚Д゚)。_。);゚Д゚)。_。);゚Д゚)。_。);゚Д゚)─ ̄─_─ ̄─ !!!
THE COSTUME THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE SINCE AIR 01. i had been anticipating this costume since friends who went over to fujiQ’s live mentioned it. No photos of that costume were released until the recent yokahama live photos. FINALLY. AND THOSE DANCE MOVES, WITH THAT CERTAIN エローCA COSTUME. KYAAAHHHH =massivenosebleed=  thank you costume designer-san ❤ ホンマありがたい〜

エロCA costume. ftmm (〃д〃)きゃ~♪  died dunno how many times that day

エロCA costume. ftmm (〃д〃)きゃ~♪
died dunno how many times that day

11.still in the groove

Next song for dance corner is STILL IN THE GROOVEEEEE! with that signature electric guitar(?) opening. one of the older dance songs, classic songs saikou \o\ I especially like the passing dance moves between nana and team yoda and the dropping move for this song. even though the dance isnt that complicated, it is still really amazing to see her singing like in cd quality.


yappa this certain エロCA outfit calls for mawatte calls XD….justthatcertainpeoplearetooanxiousandstartedshoutingoncethesongended. Let her talk first dammit.

Nana willingly mwatte-ed for us since its her first singapore live and MOU IKKAI calls appear~ the 2nd round she wanted to find a cheribo member to spin with her. I think she initially wanted to ask ryutan, but all of us shouted ANIKIII!!! (aniki gomen ww) and she went to aniki instead. アニキかっこすぎる!!He just had his 60th birthday and is one of the longest staying member in cherry boys since nana debuted XD sugoi na~~ shouted OMEDETOUUU to aniki as well ^^

Nana went on to talk about the costume. She said that after thinking alot, in a flight theme live, other than the pilot costume previously, the next must have costume is still a Flight Attendant costume isnt it? XD and jyan jyann~~ これだ! She also mentioned about our SIA flight attendant’s costume, how tight they were and the BOM– BOM-. while making the hour glass actions. KAWAII SUGIRU YO www She also said that their uniforms had quite a low neckline and when they bent down to serve her food she would cover her eyes and dont dare to look while they are serving ww (how low did the CA bend wwwww) She went on showing off her costume (her skirt had lyrics of guilty printed on it) to the LV cameras at the front. According to LV reports, the camera were showing that certain part on the super big cinema screen www (my only little regret? ww that scene mitai na~~)

The next song she will be singing is a more 大人ぽい song.


This is a love or hate songs for most nana fans. according to what i know, there isnt many fans who like this song ww. personally, i like this song due to its dark melody and the desperate-to-break-free feel throughout the song. and the mid-low notes that nana used when she sings this (*´д`*) some whispering tones (*´д`*)  that guitar solo (*´д`*) いい子じゃいられない。。本当の私を見つけて

「ずっと待ってる。。。ずっと。。。」can i ever not stress how awesome she sang this part. go listen to this yourself and u will understand.

Short costume change!She removed the outer jacket and put on the purple cloak. OH MAI GOODNESS. this was yokohama limited. I NEVER EXPECTED THAT I WOULD GET TO SEE THIS CLOAK HERE TOO. ゚・(ノД`)人(´Д`)人(Д` )・゚

Due to that pickup voice’s picture, i was desperately hoping to see that. THAT EXPRESSION THAT NANA HAD ON THAT PICTURE.((((;゚;Д;゚;))))カタカタカタカタカタカタカタカタカタ

this expression.how do u even (*´д`*)ハァハァ

this expression.how do u even (*´д`*)ハァハァ


YATTAAAA, antique natchmuzik is my favourite song to loop in the album. the rhythm was just so loopable. moonlight~ moonlight~ ahhhhhhhh. I TOTALLY DIDNT EXPECT THAT DANCE. THE WAY SHE SPUN ACROSS THE STAGE. THAT LIGHT PRANCE WHILE SPINNING WITH THAT 忧郁 FACE. AND ALSO THE PART WHERE ONE OF THE TEAM YODA MEMBERS COVERED HER EYES WHILE NANA BREAK FREE. the various emotion changes throughout this whole song. from that depressed, to a slightly happy, to a serious/intense nana. And the way she ended her notes、 誰か止めてー?etc (i wonder how did i survive from that) even the graphics at the back are so beautiful and creepy at the same time. clown eyes? staring at you, clock ticking, roses??  absolutely love this song.i need to see those expressions again. BDどこ?!!? =faints= like how mysterious this song is, nana disappeared off stage too.

After the super intense antique natchmuzik, time for us to catch a little breath with a (troll) video segment!

Its nana flying in that airplane again. This time,she has to time travel, with Nakamura Yuuichi delivering a mission for her to complete. Her destination this time round is of course Singapore~~~~ (realised that together with the cheribo song pv, this video is subbed too) His mission for nana is to say something very cute using english (GJ nakamura wwww) . Nana said “i love you!” (ノ≧▽≦)ノ but the connection was “bad” so he made nana said louder again but she got suck into the portal before she could repeat it. After that the scene cut to Nana’s crashed into some forest. She walk further into the forest with magical sparkles leading the way until she saw the same crystal wings again. She then remembered that she saw the same thing too when she was young and started praying. The magical crystal wings worked and teleported her to….YES HERE!! (remember she was on a time warp trip to singapore?w)


14.革命デュアリズム (とお前らver.)

My mind even havent began to register that it was Kakumei dualism and auto responded with 誓った言葉www Hearing this song, which i guess it is one that singaporeans are more familiar with (due to last year’s AFA?). I don’t know about the other areas but for my block, i could hear that everyone sang their guts out for the TMR lines. I saw that she was surprised for a split second but it turned into a super bright smile when she heard our voices \o\  YATTA! WELL DONE OMAERA \o\ /o/  it was really fun shouting TMR parts ww and of course KAAAKUUMEEEEIIIII WOOOOOOOOOOO LETSUU SHOUUTTTTTT!!!! even though TMR is not here, i felt touched when i heard everyone shouting too. OMAERA VERSION SAIKOU!!




CLIMAX PART OF THE CONCERT. WITHOUT LETTING US TO CATCH ANY BREATH, APPASIONATO IS NEXT!!!!!! and MIC STAND KITAAAAA. Unlike her usual customised mic stand, this mic stand seems a little heavier, that feather sleeves look pretty heavy too.ww I love the way she is swinging the mic stand around, looking so effortlessly cool at the same time. Is there any cooler she can get with the mic stand?(*´∀`)━━)゚Д`)・;:’━σ ドギューン!!!  Ryutan sensei arigatou~~~ The latest full appasionato i heard was from Girl’s Factory, I could hear the strain in the voice when she sang it. (however for GF, she explained that there were technical difficulties that day hence she had to shout(?) ) There are a lot of dragging high notes in this song. Especially when we know that nana just recently recovered from her serious throat laryngitis, i was particularly worried for her. I kept a constant look out for any problems in this song BUT SHE DIDNT SHOW ANY SIGNS OF DIFFICULTY REACHING ALL THE NOTES IN THE SONG!!!!! I WAS SO SOO GLAD ;A; The KANADE YOOOOOOOOOOO part where we could hear her strain her voice last time or in the new clips, it was really perfect (go check BD when its out) and she YOOO-ed longer this time!!!!! TODOKEEEEEEE~~~~~~(届けましたよ奈々さん<3)  there wasnt any breath to catch between for lines like 天上~~~~~~~を踊る天満星 or 運命~~~~~~~~~よりも大きな愛が but she all sang it with cd quality 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 改めて、奈々様完全復活です!!!She has totally recovered!!! \BANZAI/ \BANZAI/ \BANZAI/

p.s. while she was swinging the mic stand, those biceps 本当ヤバイ. (ノД`。)


 Mouikkai calls for the kawaii line. Audiences requested for another sentence. After pondering, she decided that saying it in english was impossible, so she said みんな、もっとギュトしたい!with actions of hugging us.She then expresses that it was embarrassing as she would only use this kind of voice during afureko but this time round is to live audiences ww

She said that since tonight is a very special day, she has a very special present for us too! Her new song, kindan no resistance /o/


Kinreji saikou!!! Since our live was very close to the release date, i was expecting her to sing this song. Since it was released on smagan the week before the live, i have been looping it ever since. That sound of that special instrument really complimented this song. An atsui kyouku fitting as the OP for cross ange!

I wanna fly(high!) fly(high!)

I feel the beat (down!) beat(down!)

We are the first batch of people to listen to kinreji live /o/ 新曲楽しかった〜〜〜


Mentions that this song is the opening for Cross Ange. She talks about the 1st episode premiere that was held in japan that week. Everyone had that EH?what happen /blank/shocked look (yes she did that face www) on their face after watching the first episode. She also mentioned that the main character that she was playing is very different from all the usual feminine characters that she played before. Instead of the “ahhh~~ tasukete kudasaaaiii~~” (weak kind), this time is the “what the hell am i stuck in this” kind of feel (i couldnt catch the phrase she said exactly but should be something along those lines~) We can expect a strong and kakkoi chara from her~ Otanoshimini~~

After that she left the stage to take out the feathers, and the drums started playing with team yoda entering the stage with towels! the only towel song in the setlist kita!~


17.Rock you baby!

I thought that towel songs would be easy, but i was wrong. I brought the yokohama towel which was thicker (than the flight main towel), i had problem gripping the towel correctly. anyway, ROCK YOU!!! BABY!! ROCK ME 1!2! 1!2!3! GOOO!!!! even if we dont know the moves for the towel songs, there is nana and team yoda for us to follow 😀 Towel songs are so fun live 😀 spinning the towel was so difficult at first,but got used to it gradually. Unless you grab the correct distance, the towel would not spin in smooth circles. i need more practice w


That familiar tune, another must have song for every live. This song’s appearance certainly do not lose out to etabure. ORANGE PENLIGHT AND UO IZUKOOOO!! finally realised my dream of shouting \in the spring/ \yuuki/ etc . Jumped my best for this song ww I almost lost my voice shouting all the WOOHH OHH OHHH POWERRR GATTEEE~ knowing that nana will always call for Boys only and Girls only call, during the boys only call, i took a quick sip of water to prepare for my loudest girls only WOO OOH OHHH POWER GATEEE!!!! (since there are the 3 of us girls in the middle block center, we must have been pretty loud) Thanks everyone who shouted their lungs out!!! :DD

-MC6- (more like my thoughts ww)

The sentence she always starts with, the sentence that us fans dislike to hear the most. My mind spun when i heard this sentence. How could 2,3 hours have passed by so fast?!!! It certainly felt like it was just while ago before the live started. Since this is the last song, this is also the moment of truth which we have prepared for more than 3 months. The last song, the key to our surprise. Nana had a veeerrryyy long MC here, but i couldnt really remember what she said here already. I heard phrases like wanting everyone to sing together… by this point in time, i was super afraid that she might have changed the last song for Sg’s setlist. A lot of what if’s popped out in my mind. A song that requires everyone to sing together? Super generation? Pop Master?? At the same time, i could hear alot of ziziziis(sound of opening or taking out the plastic) from the people around me, including myself where i was trying to be as discreet as possible about searching for and preparing the flag. I was so afraid that nana would notice our unusual movements. Seems like that she didnt notice anything yet and continued on with please listen to my last song, MIRACLE FLIGHHHHTTTTT!!!!!!


I heaved a super big sigh of relief, super glad that she didnt change this song away. However i was still at a constant worry. I took a peek around, glad that most of the people followed our instructions of not taking out the flag first and using hands instead of penlights for this song. Started the song by clapping happily with the melody,cheered along as usual, Nana started singing. The moment she reached ka~na~, THE REAL MOMENT OF TRUTH ARRIVES. at the signal of HI~~~ROI~ everyone just took out the flags in a flash. I took a sneak peak behind me. Everyone was waving the flag. the whole hall was filled with the blue flags. I got shocked by this scene (even though we were the planners) Nana got shocked by this scene too. It was just so beautiful. The moment she saw the flags and us waving to the song,i turned back and saw her shocked and surprised face.There was a split second where she turned and turned her mic away, trying to control herself to not cry. She automatically broke into tears without even realising it while singing. There wasnt anytime for her to pause during the song. The moment I saw nana cried, i knew that we have succeeded. YATTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Her tears didnt stop,even throughout the song, just like ours. (dammit,i am crying while writing this right now)   I took at sneak peak around the hall around me again, even though it was a little messy, everyone was waving the flag together, at the same time. The bond between the fans and nana. Words certainly isnt enough to express how i am feeling right now. Even team yoda, after they saw our flags, they smiled super brightly and waved even more energetically while running towards the center stage. It was that moment that i sincerely believed that everyone was connected together,through a song. I waved my flag harder, I jumped higher and i shouted the loudest i have ever shouted. I swear this was the most most most emotional mirafura i have ever heard. And also, how in the world did our onana still sing so well while she is crying. I have always love miracle flight ever since i heard it, but this is certainly became another super duper extremely special song for me (and probably all of us now)

うきうきする旅に行きましょう    (´;д;`)クスン


号(┳◇┳)泣 奈々様の笑顔最高

・゚・(ノД`;)・゚・Many ARIGATOUU~~~ from nana chan and fans. by this time i was already so happy and touched and crying because nana cried and our surprise worked so well. The people at the first row were trying very hard to pass her the flag before she left the stage. Instead of walking straight to get,she steered abit to the left and took the flag from our rgg member Gary!!! ヤッター it was another YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY moment from all of us /o/ I guess that it was because she saw the rgg shirt he was wearing and went to took the flag from him. (*`艸´)ウシシシ nana san arigatou~ 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。


encore time~~~ NANA! NANA! calls without rest for the whole time! the dimmed stage lights are back up again!!!


ポプマだああああああーーーー!!!She came out wearing the nanetto shirt with a super cute red ribbon on it XDD AND SHE WAS HOLDING THE FLAG ON HER HAND!!!!!!! i went frantically searching for the flag that i threw on the chair just now ww I TOTALLY DIDNT EXPECT HER TO ACTUALLY TAKE OUT THE fLAG AGAIN 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。Had my most fun Pop master~ 夢に恋してYES!!!!!!!! pop master! she was jumping so high and swinging the flag so hard ww (i was so worried that something might fall off from the flag, but luckily,nothing fell off and the flag is still in perfect condition!! /o/ \o\ \o/) この元気子が好きな〜


everyone is high again from this energetic song~ Nana announces that this SG AIR15 will be included in BD AND DVD! banzai!!x3 she kept waving the flag unconsciously while she was talking.  可愛すぎる (*´ノ∀`)<<スキだよ♪☆☆☆  She then went on mentioning that she didnt expect a surprise to happen in singapore too and was super touched by it, and that our flag was very cute. ななさんほんまありがとう。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。


CHU-RU CHU-RU CHU-RU PAYAPA~ YAY churupaya kita!!! another super fun song~ ふふふふ〜

Nana, cherry boys and team yoda, did their curtain call, with nana shouting THANK YOU (?) mic-less.

Fun times ends really fast and she exited the stage. The stage lights were once again dimmed but the house lights were not yet on. This calls for another encore!~ unsure to shout NANA or mouikkai, i started with nana but mou ikkai calls were louder so followed that in the end.


“i still want to sing more, so i came back again” ww XD nana chan~~~ loud cheers erupted when she came back on stage. The song that is loved by everyone, and the song that came in first in the poll. (ah. shin ai da <-my thought) and yappari, みんな聞いてください、深愛。


深愛最高〜 My very first single that i bought since i entered the black hole. w  (if i didnt see wrongly, nana was tearing up again by the end of the song. )

これからも水樹奈々に… かかってこぉぉ~いっっ(≧ω≦)/

奈々様〜だ〜い〜す〜き!!!!! o(TヘTo) クゥ 

o(TヘTo) クゥ

~After thoughts~

I was actually in a disbelief mode when nana appeared, and hearing the voice that i usually heard from the BDs and nana being so so close. In my mind, i kept having the thought of “i am watching a BD, or is this a real nana live” ww There are always people who says that “BDs are always edited, that is certainly fake”  kind of comments, but on that day, i am truly seen and heard for myself that the nana that we always see of BD or TV performances or where ever is the real nana san (for me at least) I will never forget the smile, the tears and the energy from her. It may take quite some time for me to be able to attend another live,be it in japan or maybe even singapore, but i certainly will be waiting for that day to arrive again~

My very first nana live. It was a miracle that she would actually perform in singapore. チーム水樹と奈々さん、本当にありがとうございます。m(_ _)m It was still good even if there were still some incidents that i heard (& even the japanese fans saw) that were a TOTAL DISGRACE… I do sincerely hope that such things will never ever happen again. o/




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