LIVE FLIGHT+☆台湾初日っ!2014.10.14

Finally i am here – Tianmu Stadium!!

まさか台湾で、こんなに大きな会場で歌わせていただける日が来るなんて…リハーサルから大感動(>_<。) 1曲1曲噛み締めるように歌っていました☆
(I didnt think) the day which i will be able to sing in such a big venue in taiwan will come! Deeply touched right from rehearsal. Singing 1 song by 1 song with deep reflections.

And so, the main show! Max tension at the venue right from the first song!

My heart tremble with the energy that is even more intense than last year!

Nervous Mizuki speaking in mandarin, everyone kindly listen to it… very happy~

And so encore… (there was an) unexpected surprise.! Everyone was wearing a bracelet on their wrist that is emitting blue light.

At first, I thought it was penlight or lightstick, but on closer look, I was surprised by the glow on everyone wrist.

しかも、LIVE FLIGHT+のロゴが入ったスペシャル仕様だったんですっ!!みなさんの粋な計らいに物凄く感激っっ(T^T)
Moreover, there is a LIVE FLIGHT+ logo on it! I am deeply impressed by stylish design.

Really, it was a stage (not literally, referring to event as a whole) with filled with deep love.

To everyone who came, everyone who cheered (for me), really thank you!

いよいよ明日は、LIVE FLIGHTシリーズの千秋楽っ!最高の笑顔で締め括れるよう、めちゃくちゃ気合い入れていってきますっっ☆☆☆
Finally tomorrow is the last day of LIVE FLIGHT series. To end this with the best performance, (I will) fired up~!


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