Nana Blog translation (2014.10.08 – 2014.10.12)

缶入りなのが可愛い☆ 2014.10.12

At taiwan, I got the throat lozenges which Sawashiro Miyuki-chan told me previously~

I had bought a lot because it was hard to find in Japan.

As the normal taste like almond jelly and the mandarin Orange/lemon flavour is light and refreshing, not just the throat, the whole body also feel refreshing.

As recently it has become cooler and gradually drier, (I will always) bring the lozenges along.



みんな美しくてカッコイイです!! 2014.10.11

今日と明日は、「THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-」のアフレコっ(≧ω≦)b
Today and tomorrow is the dubbing of “THE LAST-NARUTO THE MOVIE”.

Hinata will join in the fighting in the last movie, super happy~~
(I will) put in all my effort in the role, please look forward to the movie which will start on 6th December~



モブリさんが可愛くなってます(笑) 2014.10.10

Actually, I did the dubbing yesterday for “mattsu to yanma to moburi-san 2”, which was based on Matsuyama, Ehime.

Because I wasn’t expecting there will be a sequel, I was super happy!

The sequel was possible because of the great response from everyone! Moburi-san (voiced by Mizuki), is making a comeback.
From this month, it will be aired on the website, everyone please check it out!



ららちゃまと愉快なウサギ達☆ 2014.10.09

Today is the 1 month late surprise party for video director, Sato Rei-san.

I met sato-san 12 years ago. To celebrate this milestone, I booked a nice restaurant.

しかし、ただそれだけで終わるチーム水樹ではありません…(笑) ららちゃまが大好きなウサギさんになって、おもてなしをしようっ!と、全員ウサ耳を装着っ(≧ω≦)/
But not just team mizuki, Sato-san also become a bunny (she like rabbit) by wearing the rabbit ears costume. When that happen, everyone else also followed~

It was a fun time even thought the customers in the shop were laughing at us (not laughing out loud, just grin).

そして…☆ パーティのクライマックスでは、参加したメンバーそれぞれから、想いを込めた手紙の朗読を…☆メールをすることはあっても、手書きの手紙を贈ることって、最近少なくなりましたよねo(^-^)o
And so, the climax of the party was members reading out loud the letters that is written with feelings that we normally wouldn’t say. There are people who mailed, as well as people who handwritten, which is not common these days.
This special project, the letter full of love, has clearly revealed everyone personality.
Sato-san’s shy and cute look while listening has become a memorable image
今回もサプライズは大成功っ☆☆☆ ららちゃまにとって素敵な1年になりますように…☆
This surprise is a big success! I wish to have a great year ahead with sato-san.



まず、これだけですすりたい(笑) 2014.10.08

I missed the familiar danshi (Japanese soup stock) after returning from the trip.

I found a danshi that looks really good when shopping at my favorite shop.

A golden packet that is doubled the price of the one which I always bought.
And so, I bought it thinking it should be delicious. I can’t wait to try it.
It will be nice in a stew, but firstly, must start from miso~


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  • Pillows of Fluffy Doom

    ‘Appreciate the effort in making sense the translations on Mizuki Nana’s blog as always. Google translation does little good for me.

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