The storybook was an extremely tiring and draining process but fulfilling…

We do not have a talent pool of artists so we have to stretch whatever we have on hand. _φ(。。)
We made everyone hate gek….

The process of making 「WITH YOU」is split into 4:

– Story
– Lyrics Selection

– Art Pieces
– Title



Note: Title of the song used can be found within the art piece. Have fun looking for it (。◝‿◜。)

「WITH YOU」is a condensed mini fan made version of Shin Ai that narrates about Nana’s career (music wise).
After the story has been decided, each page is given a theme (a significant milestone).

Lyrics selection and art pieces were both done concurrently.


from us to you



果てしない空に向かい つらぬく大きな夢 君との絆を胸に抱え 私は旅立つ

Page 1 depicts the start of her career with a major debut – Omoi .
The concept is to have a gentle start, laying the foundation for the build up.
The lyrics used inline with this theme is from _______ (ww

Because the colour scheme used for Omoi is very plain, the background is designed by gekkie with the help of some texture.

Artist: Gekkie


迷わず進んでいく 遥かな夢と共に 輝く笑顔を見るたび思う 素晴らしい喜びを 教えてくれたあなた どんな時もそばにいてね 一番大切なひと

迷わず進んでいく 遥かな夢と共に
輝く笑顔を見るたび思う 素晴らしい喜びを
教えてくれたあなた どんな時もそばにいてね 一番大切なひと

Page 2 is about some progress that she made with Eternal Blaze entering into Top 3 of Oricon Weekly Chart
This page aims to convey a warm feeling, some taste of success after years of hard work.

This page was supposed to be done by another person but due to personal reasons/other commitments, we were panicking to find someone who is able to help us with this page.
(we were extremely tight on schedule, less than a week away from the live)
Thankfully for Funrin, we were able to complete this book.
The drawing is entirely up to the artist herself.
We only provide some references and a rough description of what feel we would like to have.

Lyrics is from ___________ . 

Artist: Funrin

「Shin Ai」

逢いたくて、逢いたくて 逢いたくて、逢いたくても 過ぎ去った季節だけ 誰にも戾せない 夜はまた朝になり 雨のあと虹にかわる 止まらないせつなさも いつか消えるのかな

逢いたくて、逢いたくて 逢いたくて、逢いたくても
過ぎ去った季節だけ 誰にも戾せない
夜はまた朝になり 雨のあと虹にかわる

Page 3 then takes a fall.
In 2009, Nana’s father left.
This page shows solidarity, loneliness and longing.
Shin Ai was used in this page as it is a song for her father as well as the song she performed on her first Kouhaku.

When we first saw this drawing, we were like “eh? why did you show us a screensho- oh wait!”
It was very realistic. A contrast with the previous fantasy-like style of work.
It can also be seen as success is a moment like in a fantasy.
Life is unpredictable, bringing you back to reality.
Gekkie took on the role of editing (for every piece) for refinement.
The space was made wider and ceiling was higher to show emptiness.

Lyrics is from ___________ . 

Artist: Mark

「Ultimate Diamond」

閉じ込めてる心の鍵 ひらけた時 世界は変わった 恐れずに進むよ 汚れなき真っすぐな道

閉じ込めてる心の鍵 ひらけた時 世界は変わった
恐れずに進むよ 汚れなき真っすぐな道

Page 4 then started to move on again. Ultimate Diamond topped the Oricon Weekly Chart (for album).
She is the first seiyuu to ever do so and for Nana herself, this is a significant achievement.

No matter what setbacks she may face, life have to go on.
Refinement by Gekkie as well.

Lyrics is from ___________ .  (please search for it carefully ww)

Artist: Liwen

「Live Castle」

あの日胸に灯った永遠の炎 深い闇解き放って 自由のトビラ開いてく 強く果てない未来へ

深い闇解き放って 自由のトビラ開いてく

Page 5 is the most painful piece. This is also the climax of our story.
2011 was a busy yet fulfilling year for Nana.
She had her first full orchestra Live Grace in January, Live Journey tour in summer and Live Castle in Tokyo Dome.

Our artist made a lot of readjustments because this page is the most important part of our story.
Positioning, audience, lighting, stage…etc
After his suffering hard work, he passed the baton to our overall editor ww (who then carried on the suffering work)
Gek killed and revived many of the fans in the process…(;;;•́ д•̀ ;;;)
Main advisor for this page is Oneesama.

The time spent on this page is by far the most out of all the other pieces.

Lyrics is from……. I’m sure this should be extremely familiar to everyone.
You can facepalm the wall if you don’t ww

Artist: Clement


この先なにがあってもずっと I stand for you

I stand for you

Page 6 represents the role of fans, always looking out for her… supporting her.
After the climax, Nana continues to make progress, eventually, finally, venturing out of Japan. (thank you Takanori-san m(_ _)m)
It shows the scene of an interaction with her fan (AFA poster signing), presenting a cosy atmosphere.

Due to the lack of artists, the work is split among the current artists.

Lyrics is from ___________ .

Artists: Clement(draw), Gekkie(colour)

「Singapore Skyline」



Page 7 is a skyline of Singapore. Thanks to Live Flight+, Nana came back to Singapore!
This page expresses future in a broader context. Her journey has only just begun…

Some features were added by gekkie to make it less empty but essentially the main ones stayed.
One big refinement was made to the color scheme but design wise is still retained.

Lyrics is nonetheless from a now very precious and important song to us.
A song that is so upbeat and cheerful, yet we would still tear while listening to it.
A very fitting ending for this storybook.

Artist: Liwen

to be continued...

to be continued…

There are many layers to this storybook beyond aesthetics and story.
The flow of the story, how the lyrics connect to each other and the title.

The title was one of the most difficult thing to do, with a lot of thrashing to trigger a suitable title – at least on par with Shin Ai. (as the concept of this storybook is “Fan made version of Shin Ai – Singapore style”)
It had to be something representative of the whole book and thus,
「WITH YOU」was born. (coincidentally, there are 7 letters ww)

The admins put a lot of thought into this and carefully select out suitable lyrics fitting into the drawings that tell a bigger picture.



Lots of blood and sweat was put into this.
We stayed up countless of nights up to 3-4am to rush through this.
We fought over how should the page be expressed.
Gek fainted in her bathroom, ran a fever and missed her school trip to korea, I had examinations to prepare for and left oneesama alone ww
But everything was worth it in the end. (─‿─)

Connecting the lyrics:





ひらけた時 世界は変わった

深い闇解き放って 自由のトビラ開いてく

I stand for you




These are my words to my partners as well.
Thank you oneesama. Thank you gekkie.







Other parts of Making:

MAKING 上編 - 「旗」
MAKING 下編 - 「永遠の5分」


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