Post Live Adventure 14 SEIBU DOME withdrawal syndromes

This will technically not be a live report cos I can’t do reports….. I don’t remember most of the details…. And I can’t write……

But I’m having this post concert withdrawal syndrome so I will just randomly write some stuff~~
(Doesn’t stop me from making a needlessly long post w)

Anyhow, we went to Seibu Dome on a rented car and the route the GPS guided did not include expressways so it was an almost 2 hours drive along the narrow Japanese roads filled with traffic lights and we spent another ?? amount of time looking for a parking lot and whatnot in the mountain areas where the dome is and fwRSGDahrUITHsbthgAOJC we totally went to Live Adventure with much adventure even before live adventure and had a true adventure of our life okay what? o.O?

It’s supposed to be summer but it was rainy from the second half of August and even during goods presale the weather was shit but on Saturday, Nana’s Hare Onna power went maximum and THE SUN. THE HEAT. THE SUNNNNNN!




Concert started with a BANG (literally, with fireworks) and I immediately went high while Nana sings No Limit in a Jeep…
My mind went blank and just stared at Nana for the next 3 hours. >///<
Touch and go…….. CATCH THE SUNNNNNN!!


SGD1 to RM3 now

seibu dome

SEIBU DOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. No Limit
2. Justice to Believe
3. Pride of Glory
4. Inside of Mind
5. Kindan no Resistance
6. Heaven Knows
7. Lazy Syndrome
8. Bokura no Mirai
9. Bayonet Charge
10. Nostalgia
11. Nocturne -Revision-
12. Angel Blossom
13. Pop Master
14. Ashita Graffiti
15. Power Gate
16. Avalon no Oukan
17. Pray
18. Exterminate
19. Shuumatsu no Love Song
20. Heart-shaped Chant
21. Eternal Blaze
22. Dream Rider
23. It’s Only Brave
24. Happy☆Go-Round
25. Anone ~Mamimume☆mogacho~


I was able to keep up with the penlighting and all but during the dance segment (Pride of Glory), Nana changed her clothes to a VERY SEXY OMG WHAT IS THAT NANA OMG OMGGGGGGGG
I found myself just staring and forgot to move my hands throughout….. ❤

It was a different kind of sexy from Guilty’s costume ❤ …. BUT STILL OMG NANA WHY OMG
THAT BRAAAAAAA….. NANA!!!! ….. BRANANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤



And then my mind truly went blank and I don’t remember much anymore (oops)


Random parts I remember from the concert, in no particular order. w

I forgot when but during a costume change, apparently an insect was stuck onto Nana’s eyelashes.


There was a puns corner, which I didn’t really understand much of, and during Cherry Boys introduction segment apparently Nana is very S recently?? (Where did my M Nana go..?) and Team YO-DA segment had dancer Anju saying Ange’s line 腐った国の愚民ども!

For the letter songs, since LIVE ADVENTURE only has 13 letters, this means that all 13 lives before were to light up the characters on the runes on the concert backdrop, and 14th live is to open the seal of the rune much chuuni… Nana spoke a bit on this and summarised what was sung during each live. Apparently, the letters allocation is not random. For example, Ehime had letter E for Ehime, Fukuoka had Unbreakable as Nana wanted to show that she is unbreakable after having to cut a few shows including Fukuoka due to her throat issues last year… Shiga had L for Lake (Biwa Lake) and so on. Finally, everyone shouted 封印解除! together and BAYONET CHARGE OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOMGOMGOMGOMG



Of course, puns lover Ayahi was also offered to make a pun….
“Live in Saitama,…. Seibu Dome….. This area…. (points towards chest and torso area)….. zawa zawa….”
(She used “tokoro” for “area” and zawa zawa is onomatopoeia for restlessness. Tokorozawa is where the Seibu Dome is located.)
It’s really cold humor many people did not give much reaction so Ayahi continued: ZAWA…. ZAWA….ZAWA…. ZAWA…

And Nana lost it and screamed “GO BACK!! GO BACK!!!!”

lol. Seiyuu interactions are so fun to watch.

KENNY FLYING! He basically was lifted up and he just played his guitar solemnly with the lighting making it seem like ADVENT or something….
Apparently they (Nana?) want to let people (Cherry Boys) other than Nana fly in concerts.

Nana: “The first sacrifi-no (lol) the first batter is KENNY~!”

So it’s true that Nana is S recently. :O

The last part of the concert was really cool. The whole backdrop opened up to reveal a crystal mountain? thing and Nana (flying again) just sang Avalon no Oukan on top of it and after a while she floated forward to the fountain area where the water looks like a second crystal mountain and it was amazing. (cannot describe)


Some announcements made in the concert:
-The 11th album, to be released on 11/11, will include a tokuten video, which features many footage that never made it to release, and many of them are from when she was still 20 years old (!)

– The Nakau deal had such good results that Nakau will be continuing to use Nana as their image girl. (I like Nakau too. Cheap yet good food for the poor university student)

– Calbee collaboration will be continuing, and Nana will get to come up with her own flavour next year. People are speculating Curry/Mikan flavour. :O

– A “documentary” will be release next year, it will be about the staff behind team Mizuki, like what was going on in each concerts at each point of time, etc.

When Nana was talking about this, she started with how there is a camera that follows her around for the making videos etc, and how this does not show the hard work the staff puts in backstage even though there is currently a large number of them at the back right now. She talks about them on radios etc, but time is limited so there is only so much she can talk about. So, in order to show the staff’s effort, they will make “documentary”. It will include interviews from the staff too. As a performer, there is also a lot of thing she does not know is happening at the back so she is very excited to see it.
From the flow of the talk, I totally thought it was going to be a DVD/BD release. But she mentioned something about how the Shin Ai thing and whatnot and staff are editing it and what… turns out this “documentary” is going to be a BOOK.

Is. this. what. they. call. lost. in. translations. how. is. a. documentary. a. book.
So we will be seeing a documentarytion next year. ._.

After the concert we went to Odaiba and spent the night there and came back to Tokyo the next day and walked around and went for overnight karaoke and I missed the first class of the semester because my school decided not to make Monday a holiday like the rest of Japan aren’t I lucky I only have 1 class on Mondays. Then the tiredness set in and everyone basically collapsed. Here I am now, after a very long but insufficient afternoon nap, typing random posts OMG what am I doing…..

Good kids out there, do not mimic such crazy acts~!


Overall impressions of Live Adventure:

It’s rather low toned for something happening on her 15th anniversary. Not a lot of new songs in setlist because there wasn’t an album release in between the 2 tours so new songs only came from singles. How many times have I heard Kindan no Resistance live LOL (more than Eternal Blaze w)

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to see Nana again ❤


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5 responses to “Post Live Adventure 14 SEIBU DOME withdrawal syndromes

  • Silent

    hi there,

    i would like to ask, if it would be advisable or not, to buy, an FC ticket for the upcoming live galaxy from yahoo auction?

    else, would it be okay to buy a ticket (with the 7eleven logo) from yahoo auction?

    • DarkHoliness

      Hello 🙂

      Tokyo Dome is a big venue so I believe you can buy regular ticket at the venue on the day itself.

      Those tickets usually have the original purchaser’s name printed on it and while I have not experienced identity checks for Nana’s concert, I cannot guarantee that they would not check at the dome, so this is really up to you.

      • Silent

        ;w; im not sure if i’m up to take the risk to take the FC ticket or not. huhu

        nwy will the ticket with the 7eleven logo would have the purchaser’s name printed on it as well? i am actually tempted at the price they put on yahoo auction, considering the location of the seating zone as well.

        oh? they sell the regular tickets at the event as well? :O oh wow, but will the price be the same? i assume, you are referring to the official ticket selling at the venue, right?

      • DarkHoliness

        Yes the official selling
        Since it is a big venue they would have a lot tickets left after all the balloting and stuff. Price will be the same

        I am not sure about the 7-11 tickets though >.>

      • Silent

        oh okay, thanks. i guess i’ll just go straight the the venue hoping i can get a ticket myself.

        and is it normal for people to be exchanging the nana cards we get from buying the merch? saw that trading activity (i joined as well) last time when nana came to singapore (i’m malaysian btw). just asking so that, i can hope to trade with others to get the complete set of the cards. ^^;

        i wonder if the live union 2012 last time, at Chiba’s QVC Marine Stadium, they were tickets selling on the spot. i was there at that time, buying nana’s merch and stuff, but since i didn’t have the ticket, so i can only listen from outside of the stadium. :’)

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