MAKING 下編 - 「永遠の5分」


Hi to everyone who is still reading this blog (oops) !
So I had this false illusion that I did the last chapter but in actuality it did not happen so here it is after 1 year! *runs*

B-b-but hey…it serves good as a 1-year-ago refresher but hopefully the content is not too diluted after one year.

This last making post will focus on what happened at the airport: arrival and departure.

waiting for her arrival...*ドキドキ*
waiting for her arrival…*ドキドキ*

As to why the title is “Eternal 5 minutes”, please read till the end.

So after packing the flags at some ulu(secluded) area in the airport, there were more coordination preparation at the arrival gate.

hon mono?
Hon mono?

Zukina -Aufwachen-  V2.0

eh! don't ignore me leh!
“eh! don’t ignore me leh!”

Nanatards trolling around and having fun while doing touch up ww

pre-photo! just before we get into position!
pre-photo! just before we get into position!

After the pre-photo, various nanatards got into their position and were ready to welcome お7!

banner when it was still clean!
banner when it was still clean!
Zukina team (smileyy)

























Nahh… you will get to read the whole thing.











When she saw the ZUKINA boards ww
When she saw the ZUKINA boards ww

She almost missed Oneesama because the police guards were blocking her view. Luckily she still managed to take the gift from Oneesama w

photographer: GOD HAND RAY

This is like the perfect shot ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
She looked into the camera!! So candid!!

photographer: Gary Koh
photographer: Gary Koh

I was situated at the turn to pass her this book (that’s my mission w)
Receiver of this smile (*´▽`*)
Yes, she’s looking at me in this picture w

Before she moved off, I asked her to look at the banner as well.
She pointed and said it was cute ❤ then thanking us again.

photographer: Chin Siang
photographer: Chin Siang

Her hands were full of love gifts.

If you noticed, we were trolling her with the boards along the way ww

all the trolls
all the trolls

Finally, a last group photo for the night!






28th Sept 2014

We were ambu- waiting for them at the departure area, trying our luck with the timing…
So we can almost be sure that Nana was going to be there when we saw Cherry Boys at the check-in counter.

We requested for a group photo with them and YAYY
Sadly Yabu and Aniki took a different airline so they were at a different terminal D:

It didn’t take too long for Team Mizuki to appear and…
we finally saw Nana!!! (இдஇ; )(இдஇ; ) IN A SIMPLE BLUE DRESS (இдஇ; )(இдஇ; )


We cannot post a picture of her but she is inside this picture w

So we were like standing near a pillar near the departure area miles away, looking at them from afar, checking in.
Of course the staffs noticed us and somehow (not sure why) they were like blocking the view (I think it’s just the angle) of nana. (இдஇ; )

But it doesn’t matter since they will be walking towards us in our direction after that w

Before that we were discussing if we should ask her in Japanese or English but settled for English ww
It was the right choice because she went “eh?? ehh?” then small step running towards us (SUPER CUTE TTATT)

We started shouting(a slightly raised voice because we were at airport cannot make too much noise and be a public nuisance) from a distance, asking her ” have you read our book”.

Since she couldn’t really hear us, she ran. yes ran. towards us.Σ(゜ロ゜;)
So the distance between us and her was around 1.5meters?! We didn’t move at all and she was the one who moved closer to us (SERIOUSLY WHICH ARTISTE WILL ACTUALLY DO THIS)

SHE’S REALLY SUPER PRETTY AND WHITE AND PRETTY <– must emphasize how pretty she is.

After several tries, she still didn’t get our question www (that expression on her face was priceless)
We then asked her in Japanese. She commented that she read the book carefully and was very touched by the effort we put in.

From here, it may not be in order because the talk happened 1 year ago w (ごめん)

Captain Nana
Captain Nana

We also asked her if she saw the shirt that we gave to her.
The note that we left her was like a love lett- I mean a cute little kansai- ben shirt-kun asking Nana to wear it. w

Nana said she read the little note and commented  “あの関西弁可愛い” and Oneesama said she was the one who wrote it.(灬ºωº灬)
She said that it was very cute and kept thanking us. (Oneesama took quite awhile to craft the letter as well)

Ikem- Mori-san then at some point during the conversation pointed out that the banner was done by us. We were so surprised that he actually remembered us (இдஇ; ) ikemen(oi) arigatou.
He managed to show it to Nana when she came out after changing and Nana was very touched by it.


(Please refer to omake below for more info since I forgot to write about this somewhere in the making)

Heichan also added that the flags were done by us as well.
Nana mentioned that she was super touched by the scene during Miracle Flight and started crying.
All of us (the girls in front) responded that when we saw her crying, we all cried as well. 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

She then slowly move off and we started to randomly throw some praises like ” Nana-san kirei!” “Nana-san cho kawaii!!” and gek randomly shouted “ero shishou!” which made all the staff and nana laugh wwww (gek: gomen Nana-san).

With this, she moved off towards the departure gate while waving at us.

Since Changi Airport have the huge glass door/window that you can still look in after the people has entered, we were standing at the glass panel looking at her clearing the custom.
We didn’t do anything since we didn’t want to disturb her anymore but MASAKA!! SHE ACTUALLY TURNED BACK AND STARTED WAVING BACK AT US.

Imaging her waving while she walk off the stage. IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME (mild and toned down version).
After she walked in, she still peeked her head out, bent backwards and just kept waving at us until she finally disappeared from our sight. HOW CUTE IS THAT. *flails*

gek ww
Drawn by gek ww

Throughout the whole conversation, she was really looking into our eyes and listening to us when each of us are talking, there was totally no feel of a “superstar air” around her. Heichan mentioned afterwards how Nana talked to us as if she was talking to friends (very naturally). (´;ω;`)
(probably only our hearts were beating like crazy and all systems stopped working).

-Details filled in with the help of Gekkie

That was the “Eternal 5 minutes” that we had with Nana. (´;д;`)
This memory is tooooooo precious. Forever etched in our minds.













At the venue, we requested for fans to write their messages for Nana on the banner which will be given to her later.

filled with loveee
filled with loveee

After that, we frantically tried to find a staff to help us pass to Nana.
Then Mori-san was standing around the table so we approached him and asked for his help.
He readily took it from us and smiled at us D: (まぶしい過ぎ)

After the live, we were crowding around reliving the moment and that was when he approached us.
(like we were surrounding by people, how did he managed to recognise us inside that circle?!)

He specially came to find us to show us a photo of Nana posing with the banner.








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