Q. What is nanamizukisgufc?
A. It’s actually just the shortened version of  “Nana Mizuki Singapore’s Unofficial Fanclub“. Alternatively called NM7.RGG

Q. What is it?
A. It’s an unofficial fanclub made by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans.

Q. Tell me more?
A. Gather the Nana-fans in Singapore and get to know each other! We have a Facebook group to make friends with, and this blog is for us to share our experiences with Nana, eg Live reports, goods list or simply random crap that came from fan-girling/boying.

Q. Only Singaporeans?
A. Of course not. Everyone is welcomed!

Q. There are already so many of such clubs in Singapore?!
A.  But sadly, they are not active and there are barely any interactions amongst the members.

Q. Interactions?
A. One of our aims is to organise outings once in a while for fellow fans to meet up! Note that it is not necessary Nana-based activities. It could be something as simple as a christmas dinner or a free chat time in a Mcdonalds somewhere.

Q. Really? Why?
A. Yes really. And why not? It’s fun!

Q. How can I join in?
A. For starters, join our Facebook page here. Don’t be shy! =D

Q. Okay…. So who manages the blog/Facebook?
A. Just a bunch of friendly Nana-fans who wants to know more fellow Nana-fans XD

If query is not mentioned above, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to answer it!


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